Manifestation Magic with Kimberley



Girl, it’s time to up-level into the BEST, abundant version of you.

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You have dreams, goals and desires.

You know that you so badly want them to come to reality.

Maybe you feel like you need direction, support, the perfect guidance to get you on track.

To step into the BEST version of you. 

But maybe you self sabotage. 

You question why you’re worthy of your dreams. 

Maybe you face fears.

Maybe people have told you you're not good enough.

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No really, where could you ACTUALLY be?

In another parallel universe, there’s a version of you who is successful, abundant, is happy in all areas of life.

You’re feeling like money comes easily to you, that you manifest things on DEMAND.

Like the universe is supporting you.

Maybe you’re starting your business, a girlboss, a student - you know that there is so much within you to GIVE and manifest. 

Are you ready for MASSIVE change in your life?

Are you ready for a QUANTUM SHIFT into the woman you desire to be?



Let's work together to get you there.


So what's my story?

In the recent past I have manifested:
✨ The perfect apartment I desired to live in, in my dream suburb, the best price + the EXACT aesthetic i wanted!
✨ My dream mentor for 2019 (Lauryn Evarts Bosstick from @theskinnyconfidential)
✨ $13k in 6 weeks + an abundance mindset that allows this to go up up up!
✨ Being able to take my family out for dinner and let them order whatever they'd like! (Dessert inc.)
✨Beautiful relationships with girls who UPLIFT me and a high vibe tribe surrounding me
✨ The best relationships yet with my family + loved ones
✨ A one way ticket to Athens, GREECE to travel Europe in 2019
✨PLUS THE LATEST: #19 in top 200 business podcasts on itunes!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Working with Kimberley looks like:

  • Weekly expansion of boundaries to get you unapologetically manifesting your dreams, goals and desires!

  • A deep dive into your subconscious blueprint that’s keeping you in a cycle of self sabotage

  • Clearing the blocks between you and your desires

  • Mindset transformation to create a mind for ABUNDANCE + owning your manifestations

  • Tools, tips and tricks to get you manifesting your abundant reality

  • A curated morning routine to get you aligned every morning to be the best version of you'



You create your own reality.

Time to take responsibility and manifest your DREAM life!

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1-1 intensive 90 minute session

  • Dive deep into uncovering what's blocking you from your manifestations
  • Create an ACTION map to get you to your goals!
  • Get high vibe + inspired from within to make massive action towards your dream life!

6 weeks of coaching

  • 6 x weekly 1-1 calls with Kimberley to make MASSIVE quantum shifts towards your dreams, goals + desires
  • 1-1 voice message support
  • Unlimited email access to Kimberley

A 3 month mentorship with Kimberley

  • 12 x weekly 1-1 calls with Kimberley to manifest your goals and dreams!
  • Ongoing long term mentorship to massively up-level your life! 
  • Get the latest manifestation secrets that Kimberley has been using to manifest her goals
  • Continual support + encouragement to manifest your desires


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