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The Energetics & Strategy of Money


No matter what your money reality is right now, you have the ability to shift into abundance.

Hey beautiful!

It’s finally here. The KW money course. And boy is it POWERFUL.

For one reason or another, you’ve landed on this page.

You’re interested in having more money.

First of all, own the fact that you want that - because you’re allowed to.

In fact, money is your birthright.

Heart to heart, let me share with you a few things.

Money used to be a struggle for me. I worked my butt off from the minute I could get a minimum wage job, and earned $120-400 a month.

This continued to be the case for me because that was all I was open to at the time.

I didn’t understand that money was all about energy - that there was an energetic component to how much money I was receiving.

For the longest time, I would screwge and skim on spending for fear of losing all my money or never having enough.

I would skip buying coffee, I’d buy the cheapest option or low cost clothes that were low quality.

What I didn’t realise was that all that ever did was deepen the amount of scarcity I felt - which perpetuated me staying in a lack mentality and reality.

I used to have thoughts like:

I’m forever going to be struggling for money. Money is so FREAKING hard to make.

You’re only rich if you’re born into a rich family.

You have to be a doctor or lawyer to be rich.

Rich people are snobby and that makes me scared to be rich.

I can never afford the things I want *gets into a bitter mood*

I have to work hard for money and if I don’t work hard, I could never make a lot of money.

Money only comes to me on pay-day.

It’s hard to get a job to get money.

I thought all of these thoughts constantly and all they did was create scarcity in my life.

The fact is, these are the thoughts of someone who is struggling with money.


So what are the thoughts of people who are abundant?


Money comes to me daily. Money is here all the time. Money is always finding ways to get to me and I just allow.

Money is easy and I always say yes to money. Money loves me and I love money. I am proud to like money.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting money. The more money I make, the more good I can do.

I am always in the receiving of money. I always earn more than I spend. I am in abundance energy.

(PS - these are GREAT affirmations… if I were you I’d save these somewhere and repeat them to myself!)




Hey, I’m Kimberley. I’m a Mindset and Manifestation Coach who teaches women how to create their strategic futures by design. One of my specialities and loves is talking about money. As women, we can empower ourselves to create our abundant realities no matter WHAT we think we were born into. As a child we learn to see money in a certain way and this is the very blueprint which creates your money reality.

In the last 12 months I have made quantum progress in changing my money reality to go from $400 per month to 5 figure months, and ultimately a 6 figure year.

How did I do it?

Through a beautiful balance of energetic work, and practical work.

I found that there is an art to how we can hold our energy.

When we combine the energetic with universal law and inspired action, money can be received with ease.