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let manifesting clients be easy


The two-part course to get you manifesting clients with ease

Have you ever felt like finding clients is hard work? 

That it’s so hard to get them to sign on with you or buy your stuff? 

Maybe you’ve had countless discovery calls with no luck.

Or you’ve had people walk into your store walking out without a purchase.

Maybe you have started to think that the universe is not on your side.
Let me tell you that this is absolutely not the case.

You have an abundance of clients waiting to work with you.

You have clients out there who are waiting to hear about you.

You have clients out in the world who would pay abundantly to work with you.

The only thing that’s holding you away from them is resistance and your mindset. 


What if I told you that manifesting clients can be done easily?


And that not only do you attract these clients, you attract clients who are an IDEAL match.

It’s one thing to manifest clients, but you don’t want to be stuck with a client who you feel you have to drag along.

Rather, imagine your clients being so aligned with you and your message.

Imagine finishing up a call with them and feeling SO high vibe and better than ever!

Imagine them walking out the store with a purchase they’re so happy with!

This is what your business can look like, but it starts with first deciding that manifesting clients is going to be easy.

This course is designed with high vibes to align you with your dream clients that are waiting for you.

It’s designed to get you manifesting your clients with ease so that you can bring in an ABUNDANCE into your life. 


Become an aligned client attractor

Bring in abundance and work with your dream clients with ease.


I remember when I first set up my coaching business.

I was a wellness coach at the start, and was looking high and low for someone to work with me.

I had booked a bunch of consultation calls, all for free and the worst part was that for most of them, people stood me up!

I was so frustrated and also pretty hurt that people would have the nerve to be that disrespectful with my time.

So I started to look inward.

I knew that the fact that these clients weren’t showing up was a reflection of my internal condition and mindset.

I began to experiment with mindset shifts, mental alchemy and modern girl manifestation looking for a breakthrough with clients. 

Within one week I signed my first client.

And the best part was that she flowed into my life effortlessly.

It didn’t take grinding or hard work, in fact I hardly did anything apart from shift my mindset.

After that, my business began to pick up.

With having as little as 700 Instagram followers, my client list began to build and more and more my clients became more aligned with my message.

I started to be able to choose who I got to work with because of the abundance I was receiving. I started to build a waitlist!

And the best part was that I was bringing in an abundance into my life, doing the work I loved with aligned clients I had attracted with ease.

This absolutely can be your story too babe!

Come and join me in the Aligned Client Attractor Course.


meredith manifested a massive 12 week client after 2 weeks!

Listen below to hear how Meredith felt to manifest her dream client after working with me for 2 weeks!

Proof what i teach works

My gorgeous aligned client Meredith had a MASSIVE abundant breakthrough within just 2 weeks of coaching with me! (Hence why this is a 2 week course!)

Have a listen to this 1 min voice note from her on how it felt for her to manifest her very first high ticketing client!




  • Watch the course modules in the abundance of your own time, with a cup of tea!

  • This course will show you:

    • How to let manifesting clients be easy, even if you don’t have a large audience!

    • The mindset that is required for manifesting clients

    • How you can enjoy working on your business and not even have to worry about manifesting clients (because they just flow to you)


JOIN Aligned client attractor

As soon as you join, you have immediate access to both high vibe modules!

To make your investment back, all it takes is:

  • Selling 10 copies of a $22 ebook

  • Selling 2 x $111 courses

  • Signing on a 1-1 client (you could make this back with 1000% returns!)

And the best part is, all of this can be applied over and over and over again to bring in abundance into your life!



Is this course for coaches only?

  • This course is designed for both coaches and brick and mortar store owners. It will apply to both!

How long is this course? Does it need a long time to commit to?

  • I designed this course to be done quickly so you can begin to implement and see results. Because of this, I’ve power packed the amazing strategies and mindset shifts into two beautiful weekly modules. You’ll be able to work through them easily at your own pace.

Is this course live?

  • This course was recorded live, so that Kimberley performed at her best! You will have access to these high vibe class module recordings!

What if I’ve already done the work to manifest clients? I’ve already got my avatar and that! Is this the same thing?

  • Aligned Client Attractor is a course that goes deeper than an avatar. We work with your energetic levels and mindset which is the point of your attraction when it comes to manifesting clients! This course will give a lot more deeper insight and internal shifts for you to bring abundance into your life.

  • Also, if you’ve already done the work and are still not seeing the results, then there is still more internal work to be done. Your external reality is a direct reflection of your current mindset!

Why did Kimberley create this course?

  • There are far too many courses out there just telling you to imagine who your client is, but none of them incorporate manifestation into the mix. It’s not just about what they look like and where they like to shop, it’s also about your vibration and mindset. This course goes into depth from this beautiful perspective!  


JOIN Aligned client attractor



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