The Abundance Manifestation Challenge

Day 07


Congratulations on reaching Day 07 of The Abundant Manifestation Challenge!

Big love,

Kimberley x

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The ultimate abundant babe collective.

What if you could be abundant without trying to manifest really really hard? What if money flowed to you effortlessly? What if you nailed getting the clients? What if you got the dream body? What if life FLOWED for you? Babe, this is where it's at.

we will be covering:

  • How to actually act as if you already have what you desire to manifest (like how the heck do you do this without the money, success or partner right now)
  • Group magnetising - this is something no other program I’ve done has included. We will be harnessing the power of coming together as a girl group to magnetise our desires towards us! Manifesting in a group is MUCH more powerful than when alone.
  • The fundamentals to how the law of attraction works, what the other KEY laws of universe are (that most coaches miss) and making this SO easy to understand. I learned in person from the man who taught Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay and there are 32 universal laws that determine what we manifest!
  • How to make sure that when you receive you desire that you are in a state to KEEP it and not let it be taken away from you.
  • How to have continual guidance from the universe to keep manifesting yourself closer and closer to your DREAM LIFE!
  • How to make your days FLOW so you feel like life happens FOR you rather than TO you.
  • Key mistakes that are blocking your manifestation powers.
  • How to manifest a constant stream of MONEY - because of course we need the money to be able to support our dream life!!
  • How to do ALL this whilst being in a place where you don't exactly feel very abundant (This is one of the hardest things to target!)