Two Crystals You NEED In Your Crystal Collection


So lately I’ve been getting into crystals! 

I had this urge to search for a metaphysical store after moving into my new apartment, along with finding a sage smudge stick to cleanse the energy of my room. 

It just so happened that after finding a beautiful store near me, they also happened to be a crystal shop with beautiful jewellery and clusters and a lovely section where you can choose your own crystals and weigh them at the end to pay (just like the lolly tumblers that Target used to have). 


When I walked in my mind kept telling me to look for citrine. It’s the crystal that I’d learned was the crystal of abundance and manifestation, and I later learned that it is also one of the few crystals which cannot hold negativity. It symbolises the sun and has a firey orange colour when fire treated (original citrine is a much lighter, gentler colour). 

It also signifies warmth, prosperity and confidence, helping you to gain mental clarity. 

As I looked around, I couldn’t find any citrine! I did however notice my eyes linger on some amethyst clusters. As I looked around the shop, I kept gravitating towards the amethyst area and realised that there was something about them that just made me feel like my energy was a lot more balanced. I had felt a little edgy that day and lingering around the beautiful purple clusters made me feel calmer. I decided to listen to my gut and buy it! So the first cluster I ever bought was amethyst. I later watched a video on youtube saying that amethyst is commonly the first crystal people are drawn to buy first in their collection, as its a great intro crystal. 


It’s well known for its calming effects when you’re stressed or nervous. A little note that came with my cluster said “amethyst balances and purifies all the subtle energy levels, making it an ideal all-round healing stone.” (No wonder I felt it balanced me out!) It’s a great stone to meditate with and reach a higher state of consciousness that transcends conflicts and brings a feeling of peace, wellbeing and wholeness.

After choosing amethyst, I caught a little plastic tub or citrine shards and decided to buy a few to toss around the house and keep in my purse. 

I then learned that when I brought these crystals that I should cleanse them! Stepping into this new world of crystals is super intriguing and I loved the ritual of doing this! The way I cleansed my crystals was the following:

  • Run them under running water (I used tap water but a natural stream of water feels a lot more organic and is encouraged!). Make sure to have the intention that you are cleansing the crystals.

  • Place them in the sun to soak up the sun’s energy and rays. Another option is to let them sit in moonlight to soak up the moon light. 

So currently, I have placed citrine in the far left corner of my apartment (if you place citrine here, it promises abundance in your life!) and also in my wallet (to promote financial abundance!).

With my amethyst, I’ve set a new moon intention with it and it currently holds that energy within! I’ll be writing another blog post on more crystals I add to my newly started collection (including quartz, rose quartz and celestite!)

In the mean time, listen to episode 30 on The Kimberley Wenya Podcast to hear more about how to shop for crystals, how to know what to pick etc!

Big love,

Kimberley x


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