7 ways to spread eco love


Remember that time when you were at that gath and you threw out your drink can in the regular waste bin, but then you felt a tad guilty that it wasn’t the recycle bin? Luckily, there’s more than just recycling drained drink cans to be eco-friendly. Here are my top 7 habits I try to do that help me spread eco love.

1)     Use a glass bottle (or stainless steel) – avoid plastic – yuck!

I bought a glass bottle with a pink silicone cover that I reuse over and over and love. You can reuse a glass juice bottle, but try to avoid plastic bottles in case they contain BPA.

2)     Use your mum’s Tupperware containers for leftovers (not glad wrap)

I feel like every mum is protective over her tupperware containers, so just gently reassure her that her they will remain safe in her fridge, pantry or kitchen. I do this for both dinner leftovers and half-cut fruit and veg.

3)     Ditch those bubble-gum-thin plastic bags at the grocery

Those ones that are for placing your fruit and veg in. If I'm buying a larger veg like broccoli or eggplant, I just place them in my basket or trolley and roll my way on. If they’re smaller like mushrooms or peaches, I use a paper bag or bring my own little bags to use!

4)     Dry your hands with one paper towel

Trust me, this is possible! Try downgrading to 2 paper towels if you use 3, then try using 1 next time. Every effort counts.

5)     Decrease your food wastage.

Only put the amount of food you are sure that you can eat on your plate. My parents always used to tell me that my eyes were bigger than my stomach because I'd fill my plate to the brim and end up not finishing dinner! I rarely do this anymore but if I do, I so kindly give the rest to my boyfriend. 

6)     Make mindful purchases.

To test your to-be-purchase: will you use it over and over again? Will you get sick of the colour? Will you only wear it once? Try preparing ahead for your future waste output.

7)     Go a little longer before washing your clothes.

When I say a little longer, I don't mean two weeks, but we actually don’t need to wash our clothes as often as we think. Different story, DIFFERENT STORY if you’ve done a sweaty session at the gym. Then yeah, maybe toss it to the laundry. Use your logic!

Most of these ideas/habits/tips should already be applicable to your current life situation! I would love to know how you go after trying some of these habits! Keep an eye out every Sunday for my next post. In the mean time, if you're liking the vibe of this blog, come join the bo-chic club (button on top right)!


Have a beautiful day!

Big love,

Kimberley x