How to Manifest Money

how to manifest money

Morning babes! How are we all today? I’m a little annoyed because someone turned the power off at my charger off without telling me and my laptop is currently at 34%  battery… Not impressed! But I’m telling you this because this is the reality is that my mornings aren’t always amazing! I did my morning routine (and Tuesday’s episode 79 will tell you all about how I learned to get back into my morning routine!) but not everything always aligns! You might get annoyed, you might have things happen that are beyond your control, but what counts is how fast you can get back into the light - i.e a better mood. 

PS GUESS WHAT! I’m flying to NYC on Wednesday which is INSANE! I am so freaking excited! After that, I travel to Massachusetts to coach with Gabby Bernstein herself! (So many exciting things!) I’ll be posting everything on my story on IG @kimberleywenya.

Anyway, back to the topic - when you get annoyed and you lower your vibration, you stop/slow down attracting your desires! So all the more the incentive to do things that you enjoy and get happy. 

Anyway, that’s a little tad-bit tip I wanted to give before going on.

So you want to manifest money? 

Let’s talk realness - when it comes to manifesting money it’s all about your energy. Your energy and your thoughts between you, yourself and money. Let’s bring Law of Attraction into the story. If the law of attraction states that LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE, that means that your current energy towards money is creating your future financial situation. 

If you’re currently thinking thoughts like “I’m so broke,” or “I never have enough money,” you’re only going to see yourself continuing to be broke + not having enough money. So it seems difficult, but the truth is that you must first change your thoughts before seeing your reality change. This all goes against what we’ve been taught! 

We’ve been taught that you must see it to believe, when the reality is that you must have the faith first before it shows up. A story that I have is that as soon as I started to shift my energy towards money to an abundant one, I started receiving more gifts, I would get tipped at work, and clients would be so ready to pay me for an incredible transformation of their own. 

How to Manifest Money

For more key steps to manifesting money, watch this video Erin and I made below!

So ask yourself what you’re saying about money. Whatever you say comes TRUE. The same goes with thoughts and feelings towards money. Things that you can start to think are:

  • Money flows to me abundantly 

  • For every dollar I spend, I receive 3 back

  • Money is an ever-flowing resource - this is a mantra that was the topic of October’s Manifestation Monthly Masterclass! Named Money Manifestation 101, we went through incredible shifts to help girls manifest money - with their abundance cheques! The cheques that were in the video above are a cute printable for you when you come join us in Manifestation Monthly 🙂 You have access to all our past masterclasses + 3 BONUS masterclasses when you join today! Enrolment closes tonight at midnight, and I have no idea when enrolment will open next!

Just a couple more weeks until KW goes full time into the biz - no more uni!! Catch you girls next week, or if not - in Manifestation Monthly!

Big love,

Kimberley x

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