4 Ways To Become An Energetic Match For Your Manifestation


This week, I bring you some super actionable tips for becoming an energetic match for your manifestations girls! I am so excited because tomorrow, I am finally DONE with uni exams! I cannot wait to celebrate with you! I’ll be doing a series of High Vibe Lives in The Daily Manifestation FB group for the next 5 days, so come and join me!

When I was in the photoshoot taking photos for my blog (like the one above) let me tell you that i felt like a complete energetic match for what I wanted to create in KW! And so I know these photos are infused with that intention!

SO let’s get into the 4 ways.


Ask yourself this question: how would you feel if you had your manifestation already? This is the feeling that you want to embody as you go about your day! Smile to yourself if you’d feel so happy for receiving $10k into your bank account, feel the excitement bubble up in your chest and just let yourself FEEL!


What sort of things would you do if you already had your desire come true? Would you be stingy with money? Would you go to the gym? Would you cook good food or share with others the abundance you have right now? Tap into those actions an start doing them from this moment on! This will bring your manifestation to your faster than you can imagine.


Hold space for your manifestation in your mind. What does that look like? Maybe energetically, you can visualise the money in your bank account. Or if you’re calling in your soul mate, you might sleep on one side of the bed, because logically your partner would sleep on the other side! If you were moving out, you would pack your things. Hold space for what you’re creating in your life!


Know that you’ve decided and it’s because of your decision that your manifestation will come true. Just because you’ve decided is a good enough reason for the universe to give it to you. Remember that we live in a thought created universe meaning that with decision (within the mind) you can manifest that very thing. The hard part for us as humans is to release the thoughts from the ego mind which tell us we can’t have that thing. But it’s as easy as choosing the loving thoughts that support you and tell you that you CAN have it. 

Remember that the work is in the energy, not the action all of the time. Yes, action is due but it’s from shifting your energy to become a match for you manifestation where the magic happens! If you’d love to hear more tips on how to become an energetic match, listen to episode 86 on the Kimberley Wenya Podcast which is fire! Girls have said it’s their favourite episode of the entire podcast - so it’s defs worth a listen! 

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