How To Get Onto The Path of Least Resistance

Hi babes! Today I had this sense of wanting to CLEAN my house. I felt like cleaning the room, the bathroom, just creating a space around me that feels GOOD. And I always say that when you want to get onto the path of least resistance to your desires, to do the first thing that feels good. For me, today that was cleaning my room - and it’s also why I didn’t write this blog post this 3:37pm on Sunday when I usually have it all out by 1pm! When you want to get onto the path of least resistance, it means doing those things that you feel called to do first. 

Today I knew I was going to write a blog (although now that KW is full time, I’ll be getting on top of things A LOT more and write them earlier than on the day of…). But when I woke up, I didn’t immediately feel like writing it. I felt like having my nice morning routine, eating some breakfast, sipping my chai tea watching Riverdale with my crystals surrounding me. After that, I felt like showering, all the while having this voice inside my head saying “Kimberley, you need to write your blog post.” But it didn’t feel aligned and the voice had an energy of fear behind it saying “If you don’t write this blog, how are people going to hear about The Manifestation Collective this week?” - which we will get into further into this post.

So I didn’t listen to that voice, and I had a lovely shower with my abundance candle and a quartz crystal beside, whilst listening to high vibe audio.

I’m washing my hair, soaping up and feel called to clean the shower - YES so random! So I get the sponge and clean the shower + basin etc etc (boring). 

The masculine and the feminine

I get out, do my makeup and THEN I feel called to write a blog post. THEN I feel called to infuse this blog with amazing high vibe energy so that as you girls read this you can feel it to. Even though I’m writing this post later than usual, and took my time doing things I like, I’ve come to the realisation lately that it’s just as important to rest and take care of yourself as make action. Because all my life I’ve just been about ACTION - and to me, resting was for the weak! But with the law of gender (one of the universal laws), creating something takes both masculine and feminine energy. Action and rest. 

It’s not about hard work

Another point of example - I was supposed to record a podcast and release it on Friday. It didn’t end up happening, but I knew that I was then going to release it on Saturday. Come Saturday, I had resistance to recording on the mic at my desk and I felt like I just wanted to rest on my bed! So what was the path of least resistance in that moment? Getting my iPhone out and recording the intro and outdo of the podcast there and then. I got it done, it got released and I felt good! But it didn’t have to be hard! You see, all of us have been used to working up the stream and thinking that there MUST be hard work to receive what we want. This is not the case for anything at all, and I truly believe that it’s part of my work to help you babes realise this faster than it would take if you did it alone. 


Know that things in life CAN BE EASY, CAN BE FUN, CAN BE ABUNDANT. For instance, I have a rule that I am always receiving money on a daily basis. I do not go through any days where I don’t receive money - because I let receiving money be easy and I accept it and it’s a rule. It just is. So what would you love to be easy? Would you love your days to go fluently, the way you desire? Do you want financial abundance? Do you want your relationships to elevate you rather than deplete you? What is it that you want because when you name it, that’s when the universe delivers. 

So this is the part of the blog post where I then invite you to join me in my high vibe 6 week course, The Manifestation Collective. The ultimate 6 weeks spent with me, in my energy to elevate where you are, bring abundance into your life, and get on the path of least resistance for all your desires! The Manifestation Collective is the blueprint, not a spoon-fed course. I designed it with the intention that when you follow the process and the energy of it, you can create anything within your hearts desires. Nothing is out of bounds. 

So come and join me babes! When you put your faith in the universe, it will show you the way, it’ll show you the path of least resistance. Listen to your intuition and ask yourself if you feel called. Have a peek here

PS! I’ll be doing a whole bunch of FB live trainings in The Daily Manifestation this week! If you’re not a part of it, come join and keep an eye out for high vibe LIVES!

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