How To Actually Start Manifesting

Hi girls! I had a dramatic start to this morning with incredible stomach pains possibly due to some funky foods I had at a dinner last night, or maybe one too many glasses of kombucha punch? Who knows. Regardless, I took it as a sign that my body has been trying to tell me to slow down. So, I’ve had a slow start to today and am still writing this blog post in my pjs, because I can. Now before I get into today’s post, if you’re reading this in real time then you’re a lucky gal because SHOP KW officially is on flash sale 50% off until MON midnight! This includes workbooks and Aligned Client Attractor! (More on this later!)

So how do we actually start manifesting? The reason why I worded the title of this post this way, is because it’s a common question that I get. It also contains a misconception!


The first thing to know is that you are always manifesting - you started manifesting as soon as you entered this universe. So to ask “how to start manifesting” is actually incorrect! I actually find that the question that was meant to be asked is actually, “how do I start intentionally manifesting?”

The key here is that it’s all about manifesting intentionally! You manifested reading this blog post, listening to the music that you listen to daily, the family you have. But it might not have been intentional then right! It becomes intentional when you start to have things you dream to own or experience. i.e if you have a goal, you have the desire to intentionally manifest.


It requires getting clear on what you desire to have in life. Often that begins with seeing what you desire to change. What are you less than satisfied with in life? Your body? Your friends? Your house? Your financial situation? Once you reveal your heart’s desires you’re able to begin the intentional manifestation process. 


Right now your mindset has a certain pattern of thought. It has a way of thinking and to have a different reality means that mindset has got to change. Its always changing so it’s now just going to change for the positive! The fact is that we live in a thought created universe, and your mindset is the room where all your thoughts lie. Start to redirect those negative stories into more of what you desire. e.g “I hate my room!” Can turn into “I am in the process of manifesting a new room”. Subtle change, yes, but it’s the change that’s required to actually START the intentional manifestation!


Every thought isn’t going to happen that way, in fact there will be days where you just want to give up and go SUPER negative - trust me I’ve been there! (Three days ago, in fact). So I know you can do this. Because I’m no different from you and I’ve already come so far in one year towards what I’ve desired my life to be! It’s a consistent shift in your thoughts, a daily practice. 

This is the CORE of actually starting to intentionally manifest but I will be sharing a TONNE more in my upcoming LIVE masterclass in The Daily Manifestation FB Group on Wednesday 28th Nov! It’s called Manifestation: The Basics. This live masterclass will be taken down and sold as a training in Shop KW after, but you get to watch it for totally free if you come join me in The Daily Manifestation

I’m super excited because it’s going to be unlocking the unknowns of manifestation for us modern girls! I’ll see you there!

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