Manifestation Tips - NYC Edition

Hi babes! Whilst I haven’t posted on the blog for 2 weeks, it’s been for a good reason! I took a hiatus to really recharge and fill my cup when I travelled to NYC to coach with none other than Gabby Bernstein! I was SO excited to travel to New York because if you listen to the podcast, I am a massive Gossip Girl fan and to see the places they’d filmed at, plus just be in the energy of it all was so surreal! So this blog post is dedicated to the manifestation tips that I learned and practised when I was in NYC! Next week I’ll be talking about the awesome lessons I learned from coaching with Gabby, so look out for that!


Whenever I used to travel in the past, I used to worry about where to go next and whether I had enough time to tick off all the places I wanted to visit. I ended up coming home super frazzled and unsatisfied because I hadn’t actually been PRESENT in the moment. So when I got to NYC, I was very intentional to be in the moment and live, smell, breathe and experience NYC in Fall. When you’re present, the universe acknowledges that you’re happy with the moment at hand and will reward you with having a fun time. When you time travel, you create an energy of anxiety because of the time gap - and let’s be honest, nobody wants a visit from Mr. Anxiety. 


My best friend Yassamin flew in from LA to meet me in NYC, and a dream of ours was to have champagne at The Plaza. This was done, of course, and was so much fun!! However, when we arrived, we were late for our booking and our table was gone. We were told to go upstairs to Rose Bar (above the lobby) which had more of a clubby vibe. We patiently went up and got a table, however it didn’t feel right - we were in the back and didn’t really feel the right vibes! Anyway, I had my eyes on this table occupied by a man at the time which had a high vibe view of the chandeliers and the beautiful lobby. Within 10 minutes, the man left and we were able to take his table! Not only was it the exact vibe Yassamin and I were after, we manifested a free plate of snacks (dark choc, peanuts, almonds, popcorn!) We ordered our champagne, a dozen oysters and we were golden!


Staying in the heart of Lower Manhattan, nearby Soho - I was right in the heart of the chaotic NYC energy. All night long there was honking, the occasional yelp by a stranger on the street and an air of hustle and bustle. It was even crazier during the day! I made the rookie move on the first day by going outside without protecting my energy and came home feeling grumpy and drained only to realise I hadn’t put on my “protective coat”. So from that day on, I put on my imaginary cloak of protection (literally moving my hands as if I was putting a cloak on) and that way no negativity or anyone else’s shit couldn’t get loaded onto me. It made a HUGE difference!

Watch a video of my IG story of an eventful day in NYC!

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Kimberley Loo