How To Manifest $100 In One Day

Hi girls! How are you this week? So I’m writing this blog post on my phone, because I’m on my way with Byam to go climbing at a gym that’s a little more further away - and I left my laptop in the boot (the trunk for my US babes). So, no excuses, there’s always a way to work things out so I’m typing this up in my notes!

So I did a live a couple days ago, talking about how to manifest $100. Today I received a story message from a babe who followed my steps and literally a day later received a $100 tip from her client in a beautiful abundant $100 dollar bill.

manifest money

Super incredible! So now that the live has fully disappeared, I thought I would share the steps in a blog post. Get excited because they’re super simple.

The way that manifesting money works is that we decide on what we want, and we allow it to come into our reality. 


Literally, declare to the universe that you desire $100 and that you’re ready for it to come into your life. Get a sheet of nice notepad paper, and your favourite pen, and write the following:

“Dear universe, I am manifesting $100 [enter the amount of time you want to receive it in]”

Put in the time limit that you can BELIEVE. If you can believe you can receive it in one day, say one day. If it’s a week, say a week. If it’s a month, say a month! Write this down and then set it aside someplace nice in your room.


Now the next part is allowing yourself to receive it. If there’s anything that happens in the next day or week or month that relates to you receiving the money, say yes.

It could be a new job, or babysitting for a few hours. It could be someone trying to offer you a tip, like for Leidy above! Whatever it is, action is required when we are manifesting money - but it doesn’t need to be hard work! We can let it be easy - and it most likely will be easy! 


So the last ongoing step is that while you’re allowing, to release how it’s going to show up in your life. Forget that it must come to you through your job, or that it must come through your boss paying you. It could come through a tip! It could come through a refund, a GIFT! A gift that is worth $100 is definitely still manifesting money. The better you get with releasing the how, the more likely the money is to come through being true money! As you start, it’s common to get free vouchers or gifts - but the better you are with deciding that it’s coming as cash or numbers in the bank - the easier it is to receive that way. 

So! Girls, try this out! I know that this technique definitely works! And if you’re ready for SO many more modern girl manifestation techniques that allow money, high vibe relationships and SO much more to just flow into your life as a byproduct of living and breathing (and maybe also loving Chanel), I am sharing EVERYTHING in my course, The Art of Intentional Manifestation this week! Enrolment closes TONIGHT! There’s an incredible voice message mentorship bonus that’s available also, with limited spots available (which only my 1-1 clients have access to!)

Check out here to come join me - are you ready to manifest with ease as a modern girl? 

Kimberley Loo