How To Manifest 6 Figures In Under A Year (KW HIT 6 FIGURES!)


Hi girls! Erin and I had such fun hosting our Melbourne even over the weekend! It was incredible high vibe and in a beautiful space! I’m excited to grab photos of it soon! In the mean time, I’ve been spending my arvo relaxing as much as I can whilst in the last hours of enrolment for The Manifestation Collective! If you’re reading this on the day of publishing, there are under 12 HOURS to come and join me in the incredible 6 week spiritual mindset course to manifest your desired dream reality! Come and check TMC out here.

Anyway, this week KW hit an incredible milestone! Last Monday, I found out that I had brought in over $111k through the business!! And the reason why to me this was a dream come true was because I did it in under 12 months, whilst studying (and we still have December to go!) So I want to dedicate this blog post to celebrate this milestone and also share a few reasons why I believe I was able to manifest this. 

I didn’t track it- accidentally…

So I thought I had been tracking all my income but the thing is I was looking at the wrong section of my accounting app and it turned out I had made a lot more than I thought! In manifestation principles, by not tracking it so strictly I was feeling joy from what I thought I was manifesting and in turn, I was able to build momentum to manifest even more than I expected! In other words, I released the pressure because I wasn’t to calculative. My coach Amanda Frances was telling me that she usually prefers people to track things but she kinda liked how I didn’t because it meant that I released the pressure and it’s a good example of releasing things to the universe and manifesting what I subconsciously desired (a 6 figure year) - which leads me onto the next point. 

It was so ingrained in my subconscious. 

The idea of manifesting a 6 figure business was a deep deep goal within my heart that I knew I wanted to manifest. So much so that it was within my subconscious! This was why I was able to unknowingly able to just do messy inspired action and allow it to come through. I got it into my subconscious by being unapologetic about wanting it, and by not being overly pressured to achieve it (since I was studying full time this year). I would every now and then reach out to the goal of 6 figures in my mind and feel into the energy of it! 

Messy inspired action

I didn’t just sit on my butt all year. But I also didn’t work myself into the ground. Overall, manifesting 6 figures was easier than I thought because I ALLOWED it to be. I chose that it was going to be easy and so it was. It all comes down to a decision we make because either way whatever you think is going to be true for you. I executed messy inspired action whenever I felt called e.g I did a fb live, IG live, sent out an email, wrote a blog, created a masterclass, a membership site, a course, another course, 1-1 coaching - all of this was messy inspired action and I never second guessed myself. I only acted on my intuition. 

So these are my 3 major tips for how 6 figures manifested so quickly this year, but I have to give the most credit to the manifestation process that I’ve learned over the last year, which is wrapped up deliciously in The Manifestation Collective. In this course lies all I know about the steps to manifestation and when you understand these principles and the way the universe works, you can manifest anything you desire! Enrolment closes in 12 hours if you’re reading this today. 

But the GOOD news is, that for girls who want just a taster first, I have an INCREDIBLE masterclass called Desire Match, that is currently 50% off for a limited time in celebration of KW hitting 6 figures! It’s enough to get you building momentum to manifesting intentionally. You can find it here!

But for the girls who are all in, I cannot WAIT for you to join me this week in TMC! A year ago, I was sitting at a cluttered desk feeling less than satisfactory about where I was heading. Today, I am a 6 figure earner, about to travel Europe for the whole of 2019, have a multimillionaire coach, live in a lovely apartment and am HIGH VIBE! What is possible for you a year from now if you understood the process of manifestation

Big love,

Kimberley x

Kimberley Loo