How To Protect Your Energy During Christmas + New Years'

Hi babes! Since Christmas is 2 days away, and New Years follows pretty quickly after, I thought it was appropriate to write about how to protect your energy during this time where you’re meeting a LOT of people. Some people you love, some you may not really get along with, and some with opposing views to your values! 

It’s super easy to get energetically drained through this holiday period because SO many decisions need to be made. What do you get for X? Who’s house do you go to? Which events do you RVSP to and which do you decline? Everyone has a party or gathering but there’s only one of you which means you have to say yes to some and no to others. 


Don’t be afraid to remove your situation from people in the room who give you a weird vibe! There are new people here you’ve never met and you might not know much about them but you can feel their vibe. Protecting your vibe during this time is important - and sometimes removing yourself from a situation or saying no is okay! This doesn’t mean you’re not polite still - keep your manners but don’t keep yourself in a place that makes you feel odd/uncomfortable. Move towards the good vibes, move towards the high vibes!


If you hear something that you don’t want to hear, you don’t need to hear it. (Yes, it’s true) If there is something that someone says that I don’t agree with or a story they are telling which is not the story I am telling then I just let it fly over my head. 

E.g “This pumpkin slice was SO expensive! I can’t believe someone brought it!”

Inside KW's head: wow this is abundant - that someone brought this beautiful pumpkin slice.

E.g “So it must be hard to start a business, hey?”

Inside KW’s head: It’s a lot of fun actually! I really love it! (Notice, the redirecting to positive energy?)

E.g [Insert a bitchy comment about someone] “can you believe she bought him that?"

When this happens, I just feel neg vibes and I let them bypass me over my personal high vibe bubble. I literally feel it going around me!

Do you get me? So it’s about keeping your mind focussed on what life you’re creating and not taking on any limiting beliefs. 


Want to leave the party? Feeling tired? It’s your body and being telling you it’s time to go home or go to sleep. 

Be kind to your family and friends and know that when you treat others that way, you will only attract more people to treat you with love in turn. 

Be grateful for the time you have to spend with them and feel into the abundance of being able to meet them for a beautiful lunch or dinner.

Be grateful for the present you receive and the present you are able to give.

Most of all, this is a beautiful time of celebration. Get into the celebration vibes and use them to boost your manifestations in general! When you feel good, you’re on the path to manifesting what you desire.

In my amazing masterclass, Desire Match, I talk about how when you feel into the feelings of high vibes and what you desire to manifest, that’s how you become a match for what you want so you can receive it.

SO this week, I have a Christmas gift for you girls.

If you haven’t already downloaded these, I have the Manifestation Meditation Duo with 2 beautiful free meditations! 

Download them above!

In the mean time, have a beautiful Christmas and New Years!

Big love!

Kimberley x

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