3 Tips To Intentionally Manifest Daily As A Part of Living

Hi girls! I’m currently on the way to a lunch and in the car writing up this blog post - and also intentionally manifesting. I have my laptop with me, my Chanel bag, and a lazy dress on to look like I’m putting in effort to look good on a Sunday - those vibes. Lately, I’ve been delving into how we can manifest just as a part of life, as a part of walking down the beach, or drinking a hot chai latte in our PJs. How can we integrate manifesting intentionally and not have to try hard? How can we just BE and manifest all that we want? It’s possible. Because I’ve been practising it over the last year - and at the end of this blog post I have amazing news on how you can do this too. So let’s get started! Three tips to intentionally manifest daily as a part of living!


It’s a constant clearing. Feeling and clearing the things that you’re feeling, because sometimes we start to have emotional blocks during the day! It’s important that when you’re wanting to manifest intentionally that you have flow in removing any blocks. A block could be e.g feeling annoyed at someone for not inviting you to a party, or feeling grumpy from waking up sleep deprived. Part of manifesting as an extension of living is knowing that once these blocks are released and cleared, your desires accelerate to you faster and faster.


When you’re happy and loving life, and not worrying about your goals, that is often the time most when they are manifesting fastest. A key to working with the universe to co-create your reality is knowing that your emotions and feelings are an indication of whether you’re in alignment with manifesting your desires or not. When you feel good, that is a sign that you’re on track! So live life, have fun and you’re on your way, girl!


Every now and then, checking in to your desires and whether you have a solid, energised feeling behind them. Say you’re manifesting a client, or a job. Feel into that desire and goal and see whether you have a feeling of belief that that is coming true. When you think about it, if you get excited and have a sense of courage, that’s a good sign it is coming into your reality through embodying the energy that it’s already happened. What happens if it doesn’t feel aligned or like you’re not excited about the desire? How do we check in and make sure that you’re still intentionally manifesting that goal? I’ll be sharing exactly what I do that works for me and my goals in The Art Of Intentional Manifestation! The 5 day high vibe course to show you how to manifest intentionally as a modern girl, as a part of life. 

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