How You're Hitting Your Upper Limit & Blocking Your Abundance


Whenever something good would happen, I would shift my mindset in case I would be disappointed. I would get to the weekend in high school and by Sunday morning I would feel grumpy again because I felt like Monday was coming quicker than EVER!

Oh my god let me tell you that I wasted so many hours just worrying about Monday coming that I wouldn’t enjoy the beautiful Sunday mornings or arvos! SUCH a waste of time.

The fact is that we do this, daily. We do it all the time and we don’t even know it. I’m reading The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks and he writes about so many examples of public figures self sabotaging themselves subconsciously after reaching a certain height in success or fame. 

He talks about billionaires worrying about losing money even when they could lose 1 million dollars a day for 5 years and still have a billion leftover. He talks about Bill Clinton being re-elected to presidency and then next minute being impeached due to a sex scandal with his secretary. He hit his upper limit of receiving success and his self sabotage came in the form of adultery. These things come in the WEIRDEST of ways. 

For us gals, the most common way it comes is in the form of WORRY.

When everything seems like it’s going well, we begin to create stories in our heads that keep us solving a train of problems. I experienced it this phenomenon this very weekend! And as the universe would have it, I received an email in my inbox from the library saying to hurry the heck up on the book since it’s due in 5 days. So I was led to reading it at the most perfect time. 

I realised that I was worrying constantly this weekend on whether I was doing enough uni work, or if I had left anything undone for my boss at work - I kept finding things to worry about and it was simply because everything felt like it was going all too well… my assignments were handed in 2 days early, I was studying and keeping on top of uni whilst maintaining coaching, working as an admin manager, running my business, my podcast, my blogs and it all felt too perfect.

I realised that I had hit an upper limit. And by worrying, I was draining my energy that I could be putting into providing even more value for you gals. It was draining energy that I could be putting into my business that would lead to me unlocking even more abundance! I was self sabotaging myself because I wasn’t used to feeling this free, happy and successful (I’m not saying this to toot my own horn, I’m saying this because it’s how I truly feel!)

So what do you do when you hit your upper limit?

You LET THE BALL FALL. Just drop it. Release the worrying thoughts and let yourself experience the true feeling behind it (success, happiness, fulfilment, ease). This new feeling is trying to come up but you’re blocking it with your worries. Girl, get rid of them - cut those out! Those feelings are key to you manifesting your desires as they are the driver and fuel of getting you there.

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In the comments tell me how have you been hitting your upper limit? I'd love to know.

Sending BIG love,

Kimberley x

PS If you haven't already, listen to episode 19 on The Kimberley Wenya Podcast - an interview I had where I got to tell my story on how I manifested as a child and KEY points to LoA + manifestation. x

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