5 Signs Your Manifestation Is On Its Way


Okay so before this blog post, I just wanted to get something out to you girls - that I’m making these a LOT more casual and writing them as if I’m literally speaking to you. I’m trying to make these blog posts more about how I’m experiencing these things in real time - rather than talking about JUST the theory of LoA and manifestation, so that you actually get how it can happen to you in your life! Let me know if you like this form of the blog posts, I feel like it’s more interesting! 

So this week, we’re talking about HOW to know if your manifestation is on its way. If you’re new to the manifestation world, you might feel like you’re totally lost with knowing where your manifestation is. You know that you want the money, the flow in life, the partner, the job - but once you put it out to the universe, it’s not as if you have a tracking number to see where your parcel’s being delivered. It’s not that simple for us. 

But from my experience, I’ve realised that there are tell-tale signs of when your manifestation is actually coming into reality! Let’s get straight into it.

You have a gut feeling.

Okay so this goes without saying, but your intuition is often the thing to tell you that what you desire is coming into physical form! When I’ve manifested money, jobs, a partner, clients (pretty much anything) I first had a gut feeling that it was going to happen. It takes time to get tuned into understanding what your intuition is telling you - I recommend daily meditation to do so!

You’re seeing other people receive it.

Before we receive our manifestation, it’s really common to see others get just what we want before we’re about to get it. For example, when I launched my podcast I hadn’t seen anything about podcasts on Facebook, but literally 2 days before my podcast was approved by iTunes, I saw a girl celebrating about her podcast officially going live! Instead of feeling jealous, know that this is simply a sign that you soon will see your manifestation in your life.

You’re seeing angel numbers.

You might be seeing sequences of angel numbers, like 1:11, 11:11 or 222. Each number sequence has a different nuanced meaning (e.g 888 signifies prosperity and financial abundance). These numbers can give you guidance on what to expect for your manifestation! When I see 888, it is always related to on boarding a beautiful client, getting paid on the day or to money coming my way in the near future. 

You feel like you already have it.

When you first set out your desire, if it’s a big one for you it might feel far away to achieve/receive. But as your journal about it, script out your life as if you have it already, tell other people about it, the more likely you are to it coming soon. For this round of The Manifestation Collective (starting March 31st), I am creating personalised guided meditations that firstly get you into a calm relaxed state and that speak into your subconscious - the special thing about this is that it is specifically tailored to what you’re manifesting (e.g if you want to manifest being a NY Times Bestselling Author, I would infuse affirmations about you being that author already into the meditation). Essentially, we will be rewriting your subconscious to believe you already have what you desire. This is what I have done in the past for myself to get AWESOME results. 

You’re experiencing synchronicities.

You start to see signs from the universe, like your unique sign - or you have weird coincidences come up. e.g last night I was on a date night with Byam - who by the way gave some relationship tips on my story on how to NOT freak your bf out (and he’ll be on the podcast on this topic soon). And we saw red cars after red cars after red cars (I documented this live on my IG story). If you don’t already know, red cars are one of my signs from the universe! 

So hopefully these tips help you know when your sign is actually coming into your reality! I’m also changing up my emails to abundant babes on my list! For manifestation secrets sent straight to your inbox in a short quick read email - with secrets that I DON’T share in blog posts, make sure to join the my list below. 

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