Things I Wish I Had Known When I First Started Learning About LoA


Happy Sunday girls! Today’s fresh new blog post is going to be about the things I wish I knew when I started learning about the law of attraction (and manifestation and the universe and all its power etc etc). 

SO let’s get right into it!

1) I wish I new that it was always on. 

I used to go through days thinking that I would set aside time to “manifest” my desires. It wasn’t until I realised that it was a law, that it was on all the time - just like gravity. This would have saved me the time on thinking it was only on when I set aside time for it -> and I would’ve been more consistent with keeping my thoughts and feelings high vibe majority of the time. I would’ve probably moved myself ahead even faster!

2) That the universe is FOR you, not against you.

My whole life I thought that there was always friction against me achieving my desires. I always thought that in order to get things, manifest them or buy them the journey had to be hard and I had to go against ALL ODDS! Little did I know that the universe wants us all to be rich and abundant and to succeed. This would’ve saved me a lot of time stressing. I would have these thoughts creeping into my head saying “hey kimberley, this is going to be really hard. Prepare yourself. Don’t get your hopes up.” These insidious thoughts would keep me up at night and make me hypothesise the worst case scenarios - to “prepare myself”. What I didn’t realise was that I was doing the complete opposite thing to what I should’ve been doing! - which is visualising the BEST case scenarios happening! 

3) That its not about thinking of something - it’s mainly about the feeling of something. 

But isn’t that a contradiction Kimberley? Don’t you always say that your dominant thoughts are what manifest? Well girl, let me explain. The reason why this is true is because your most predominant thoughts are running on the basis of your subconscious mind and how IT feels. Your subconscious mind has a feeling rumbling under all its points of views. This is different to when you deliberately think of things. But that aside, if you want to move your desire towards you, you must create the FEELINGS that it would bring you! This could be done by thinking of “how it would be” to have ____. Or to “act as if”.

4) That just because it didn’t happen doesn’t mean you’re a bad manifestor.

No, you didn’t do anything wrong - if you’re on your manifestation journey then its important to know that everything that you want to manifest must happen to what is of the highest good for everyone included in the situation. If you want to manifest 3 clients, then it must be the best for them and for you too. If you want to move house, but your family doesn’t want you to leave - you leaving must be for the highest good for both your family and yourself. 

5) To just HAVE FAITH!

So often we start to doubt - are we really manifesting our desire? Is this all a load of BS? Then we start to say “I don’t see any signs at all, the universe isn’t showing up for me.” People do this all the time and don’t realise that its exactly when they say this that it’s when their manifestation is literally just ABOUT to reveal itself. Just have faith and stay in the knowing that it will happen for you.

6) That you’re not alone on this journey.

Sometimes going down this path of manifestation feels like you’re alone and none of your friends really talk about this - your family thinks you’re a weirdo and you feel like an outcast. Don’t worry - I’ve been there (that’s literally me right now). But every time I meditate in the morning I feel the loving support of the universe and just hang out in those vibes, soaking it all up. You can do the exact same, and know that whilst you may feel alone on this journey the support of the universe will never let you down. 

I hope these 6 “wish I had knowns” help you out this week on your manifestation journey!

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Big love,

Kimberley x

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