How To Tell Your Friends & Loved Ones About LoA Without Freaking Them Out

Okay so one thing that I have been asked before is: how do you talk to your friends and loved ones about LoA without freaking them out?

It’s an actual problem - like really! 

I remember the first time my dad asked me what I coached. All I told him was that I was coaching people and him being curious, naturally, asked me what I talked about. And at the time, honestly I said “it’s like about positivity and life coaching…” and he nodded but didn’t quite get it.

It’s hard to explain LoA and manifestation to people who are new to the topic! Even since I’ve recently moved into a new place with a housemate, when I tried to explain it to her she hadn’t heard about it before.

Here are my few pointers on how to tell your friends and loved ones about manifestation et cetera. 

First, ask them if they have ever watched THE SECRET before on Netflix. It’s a documentary but I call it a movie to un-weird everything a little. If they’re part of your family and you know they haven’t watched this, just skip this tip. But this generally gives a soft segway to what you’re trying to describe. This is because it’s legit and if it was popular enough to be aired, it makes it seem like you’re not just a crazy gal off in your own world full of non-linear woo-woo stuff. 

If YES, read on. If NO, still keep reading.

So if they have seen the Secret, I usually say something along the lines of - “Yeah so that movie is based on something called The Law of Attraction. It’s a law like any universal law such as gravity. We don’t know why it exists, it just does. And basically it shows how you can change your mindset to change your life experiences!” So girl, you can literally copy and paste that into your conversation with them if you like it, but feel free to add/minus any extra sentences that you think will speak to them. 

If you listened to podcast episode 28 with Byam (my boyfriend) on How To Not Freak Out Your Boyfriend With Woo Woo Stuff, I spoke about how you need to speak to them in a way they understand. Use their interests, if you mould whatever you’re talking about to their liking they are more likely going to listen. For Byam, I ended up finding a speaker (Dr Demartini - who is actually featured in The Secret) who would relate to him. I knew that Byam liked science and evidence and the nitty gritty of physics. And Dr Demartini speaks in that exact way! So that was my little bridge to introduce LoA to Byam. 


Then you can dive straight into explaining the concept! BUT make sure that you don’t make it sound weird. Obviously, it’s a different way of thinking that most people aren’t used to. But girl, that’s because many people are stuck in a victim mindset. They think that life happens to them, and that they can’t do anything about it. You might even like to explain it as just a mindset change using the law of attraction. E.g People who play ball sports have to take into account gravity. They basically calibrate how hard they kick, throw or hit a ball based on the law of gravity - and if they do it right, they score a goal!

If they don’t take into account gravity, they can shoot, kick or hit a ball all they want but they won’t have the awesome score they desire. Using the law of attraction is the same. We can try as hard as we like at life at striving for things, but if we just took into account how the LoA works, and that by changing out mindset, and using the manifestation recipe (which I teach in The Manifestation Collective - and the girls this week are learning right now!) then we learn how to score goals with ease. 


So bottom line is, use ANALOGIES to the max and speak in a way they will get it. Keep it normal, just say it’s about mindset shifts! If you think about it, it’s really not that weird at all. And we’re lucky enough to have The Secret aired so if you cop any flag for being told it’s woo-woo, just say it’s shown on Netflix!


Another amazing tip is, share resources with them. You could point them towards my very own podcast because I keep things v down to earth and easy on the modern gal’s ears. Or share books with them e.g The Universe Has Your Back, The Secret, Add More ~Ing to your life!


My last tip is, lead as the example. I speak about this in depth with Byam in episode 28 of The KW podcast, but it’s doing things like showing them when you see signs from the universe whether that’s Angel Numbers (download the guide by signing up to my email list here!) or your universal sign (mine being the Dalmatian). 

They will start to warm up to it because it stays playful. In the mean time, if you girls are looking to manifest a soul mate who is totally on your vibe and gets you on this stuff, then in exactly ONE WEEK I am holding April’s monthly masterclass on how to do just that! If you have a boyfriend already then it’s all about getting him on the same vibe as you so that both go you grow together (and getting yourself in the right energetic space for that). Spots are selling out FAST especially because I keep these masterclasses super intimate and tight knit. Get your ticket here right now!

Good luck on sharing about LoA to your friends and family. If you have any other tips, share them in the comments! 

Big love,

Kimberley x

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