My EXACT Morning Routine To Manifest An Amazing Day Every Day

Card deck from  here  (isn't it gorg).

Card deck from here (isn't it gorg).

Happy Sunday girls! How has your week been? I’ve had a WHIRLWIND of a week with manifesting some pretty cool things! (Including bending the weather to my favour and also a big goal I intentionally set - which I’ll chat about on the podcast when the time feels right) #cliffhanger.

Things that I did this week were:

  • Uni as per usual (bit of a bore this week) - I really will get onto the study bandwagon a lot more this week because exams are 3 weeks away?

  • I caught up with my girl Erin, who has a kickass girlboss YT channel, for lunch and we pulled cards from The Wild Unknown Animal card deck (this was so much fun after recording an interview with Lindsay from Our and Are about the modern gal’s guide to cards, crystals + astrology. To listen - head to episode 34 on The KW Podcast!

  • I collaborated and had a high vibe chat with one of my business besties, Ruby (owner of Own Your Hustle) and recorded an episode with her! She tells us all about journalling and different ways to - the episode will be out soon!

  • I wrapped up the LAST week of The Manifestation Collective March 18 Class! We had SO much fun and the girls dressed up as the woman they desire to step into! (Hint hint, the next enrolment for TMC will be opening v soon so keep your eyes out!)

BUT! Let’s get right into the morning routine that will truly help you to manifest a great day, year round. So during the week I listened to Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning - I know I’m behind the times with this one but I feel like I got the gist from SO many people making youtube videos about it. But it was still great to listen to from the horse’s mouth. (Was that a weird analogy?) 


OKAY so, I decided to put his method to the test. On Thursday night I decided I was going to wake up at 5AM the next morning. I recommend starting this off on a day when you have a relaxed morning, so you can really take you time and get used to how it is to do your morning routine leisurely. I had a clear morning til 10am so I took my own sweet time. 

morning routine

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So I’m going to give you girls the specifics because I’m about the things that really take it to town. Let’s start from the night before because this requires a little priming!

10PM night before - I used an affirmation that TRULY helps with waking up early feeling energised. No matter how many hours you have to sleep, doing this will make a whole difference because it speaks to your subconscious. Basically, you want to say something like “With the 7 hours of sleep I’ll be getting, I will wake up refreshed and wide awake at 5am ready to take on the day. I have more than enough hours to get a good night’s sleep."

5AM MEDITATION - I woke up to my alarm (I just use the regular iPhone alarm). And to my surprise I could wake up pretty easily - thanks to the affirmation from the night before. (I really think that makes a big difference). Sat up in bed, propped my pillow up and used the Insight Timer app to do 10 mins meditation. I give myself 5-10 seconds intro to get ready before the ambient music starts (I use raindrops). I have 2 bells (the Basu bell), one at 5mins, a final one at 10. I like having one at half time to tell me I’m halfway through!

5:15AM - HYDRATE + JOURNAL + CARD DECK - I take a swig of water from my marble swell bottle and pull a card from my card deck to set the intention for the day! SO many girls ask where I get my card deck from (as in the pic of this blog), and it's The Universe Has Your Back Deck!

I then get my journal out to 1) write a stream of consciousness and 2) script how my day goes. I write for about 15 mins but it can even stretch out to 30-40mins of writing if I have the time! If you’d like me to do a blog post on how to journal in depth here, leave me a comment on this post or send me a DM on insta (@kimberleywenya)

5:45AM - YOGA - by the time I get changed into something I can do yoga in, it’s been 30 mins since starting journaling. I’ll choose a yoga youtube video (I love this one for mornings). You could also do a workout here instead! 

6:15AM READING - so I’ll ask myself what I feel like reading and just grab the book and dive right in. I love highlighting sentences and concepts that jump out at me and I feel like doing that lets the info just seep into my brain a lot better. The day I posted this on my instastory, I read Creating Money by Sanaya Roman (a great read). 

6:45AM VISUALISATION - so I played some music to visualise, I like listening to this one to really sit in the feeling of everything truly manifesting around me. The album art does look a little weird, but I assure you it’s a great song. Yes, it’s in a different language too but there’s something pretty etherial about the melody - it just gets my creative manifestation juices going - you get me? To do this I sit in bed like I would to meditate and visualise what I desire to happen during the day or for a certain goal. In The Manifestation Collective, I walk the girls through exactly how to visualise with key tips to bring your manifestation into reality as fast as possible! 

Let’s get real by the time you search on youtube for the song I just linked you girls, it’s gonna take extra time so it’s 10 minutes, not 5 like in the screenshot above.

6:55AM AFFIRMATIONS - I just say whatever sentences I feel will help fill whatever hole I feel in my mindset. If it’s boosting money mindset I’ll say some affirmations like “I love money and money loves me, I am a money magnet” - the possibilities are endless!

SO as you can see, my morning routine can stretch out to 2 hours. But that includes moving my body and priming my day and mindset to go as well as it possibly can. 


Also, feel free to mix n match. If there’s a certain order you want to do things in that’s different to mine, do it! If you only have 1 hour, like I do most days then shorten the reading (or I’ll do reading or meditate on the tram/train - not even kidding with you here). The key is to GET FLEXIBLE and do a little bit of it - that’s better than not doing it at all!

Anyways, I hope you girls enjoyed this in depth morning routine break down! If you girls are looking for a boost in upping you wellness, as you girls may have heard on the podcast Habits For Wellness, my gorgeous 21 day reboot is still at its SUPER low investment but it will be going to its full price very soon - so jump onto it and grab it, I’ve gotten amazing reviews from the girls who have done it!

Madeline Nimeh said:

Habits For Wellness was such an amazing 21 days. I picked it up when I felt like I really needed a general life overhaul so I loved that it touched on all aspects of wellness. The workbook was beautifully laid out which made it extra easy to reach for every morning and all of the videos and tasks made such a huge difference without taking too long to complete.

I never needed to spend more than 15 minutes a day going through the reboot topic and I still saw massive changes. This really helped me complete the challenge with ease because it was fun AND effective.

I have found with a lot of other programs of this style I would drop off after a few days and not complete them, but this one was perfect for me. The best part is that whenever I feel like I need a reboot, I can either revisit a specific section of the book OR just print out a fresh one and run through the 21 days again to create more amazing shifts!

Okay, so if that isn’t a reason to go get it then I don’t know what is! Click here to check Habits For Wellness out.

Alright girls so that is me for this week! I am just about to record an episode for the podcast (it’s been a while since I’ve recorded a solo ep!)

The LoA 411

Speak to you real soon! OH and PS if you want updates for when I blog + a manifestation secret I don’t share anywhere else, you’ll want to hit the button below and get onto the KW list. (You also get access to my free resource lib with a guide to angel numbers, abundant iPhone wallpapers - the works).

Big love,

Kimberley x


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