Journal Secrets to REALLY Manifest Your Desires!


Hey hey hey girls! How is your Sunday going? (Or weekday) Today’s blog post is one which I feel will be SUPER useful in getting you on the path to manifesting your desires. First off, I’m feeling super high vibe thanks to finishing up the Clear The Blocks Masterclass only a few hours ago! The girls had SO much fun and I even got a message right away from the beautiful Tahlia who joined! She said:

I just wanted to thank you so much for today’s masterclass. I really enjoyed myself and found it very beneficial. It definitely sparked something in me which I’m excited to explore further!

I also discovered my sign from the universe! Was having a think about it (and then trying not to think about it so it came naturally. as we were driving to the supermarket and saw a purple flower on a car. For some reason something just resonated inside me when I saw it and I realised this was it!

So she finally got her sign from the universe! PS if you haven’t got yours, you absolutely must sign up to the Abundance Manifestation Challenge coming on Wednesday as I walk you through exactly how to do that!

Also some exciting news - I’m working on a very exciting membership for you girls, let’s just say it’s a monthly thing and designed to help YOU to work towards your dream life 😉

Anyway! Let’s get to today’s meat of the blog post. We’re talking journalling - and I’ve got some different activities and exercises for you to effectively journal to chip away at moving yourself towards your goals. Feel free to do it in this exact order if you like!


(~200-500 words?)

Okay so I love to start my journalling sessions with this because it allows everything to get onto the page - any distractions or nasty feelings in your mind that you want to get rid of. It’s really just like a full mind vomit. And boy does it feel good when it’s all out! This is where you can bitch about anything (whilst of course moving forward from it after! - no point just bitching and then bitching and bitching). By doing this, you’ll be able to peel away the layers from what’s really happening underneath. You might find that under the frustration and anger you’re really just sad about how you’ve been treated during the week! Your journal really acts as your best friend to rant to. And the best part is that your journal literally is ALWAYS there for you - no stress about bothering your girlfriend at 12am midnight with your swirling mind of uncontrollable thoughts about how this guy didn’t text you back. 


(~400-600 words)?

Now this is can get super fun! When you’ve done with your rant and bitching, it’s time to start heading upwards. Chin up, buttercup because now we’re writing into your future. If you’ve done Habits for Wellness, you know that Day 4 is all about mindful words and I am a STRONG believer that we speak into our future. It is the exact same with writing - in fact I feel like writing is even more powerful that speaking alone. And oh man - when they’re combined? It’s manifestation heaven. You start to see the fruits of your manifestations come to life! You get that email back from the person you’ve been meaning to hear from. You hear the yes from that company. You grow your business and sell out your masterclasses! Once upon a time, my masterclasses would only have a few girls signing up. These days, they sell out and the girls have SO much fun! But it didn’t start that way. You can absolutely work up to it girl, all it takes is scripting and speaking!

So how do you script?

  • All you do is literally start to write how you would like for your life to be in the future. It’s as simple as that! Keep your eyes out as I should be creating an ebook on exactly how to script - with examples on exactly what I have done in the past and the results I got from it - so keep your eyes out for that!

  • Write about what you would wear, see, hear, eat, do!

  • Get really specific and dream big. It’s best to keep expanding your thoughts on what you desire in life. There is never a case of “asking for too much”. Others who tell you that simply haven’t dreamed big enough! 

  • It works well if you choose a different aspect of life you want to focus on to write about! e.g one day write about your ideal morning. The next, write about dinner time. The next, about a deal that you signed, or of an experience of manifesting a dream amount of money you desire! Get creative!


(~100-200 words)

So then I like to finish off my journal entry with what I’m grateful for - it really helps me to finish it off nicely, like a cherry on top! It’s saying to the universe, “I've written down what I want in life by scripting, and now I’m thanking you for what I already have so - thank you - more please!” I usually like to write whatever I can think of for a minute or so - enough to get you feeling happy whether that’s a bursting fiery happiness or a more mild, contentedness it’s totally up to you how happy you want to get! 

TIPS: it doesn’t have to be super fancy. It could just be like “I’m grateful for my warm bed" (because I usually journal whilst in bed in the morning with my pillows propped up and a soft light from my beside lamp so I’m not too shaken by stark lights)

The best part is, a few months on flipping back to your journal entries and realising that everything that you had been scripting about has come TRUE! (I speak from experience! The apartment I live in - I scripted it! The business opportunities I've manifested - I scripted them!)

Anyway! That’s all from me babe! Definitely give this a go and let me know your thoughts in the comments! Don’t forget to sign up for the Abundance Manifestation Challenge below! 


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