4 Ways To REALLY Act As If


Hi hi hi girls! SO I’m in the car on the way to a birthday party and I’m most of all excited because my latest episode 33  featuring the beautiful Lauryn Evarts Bosstick from The Skinny Confidential is LIVE on my podcast! You can listen to it on itunes or here on my blog. 

She basically gives us her point of view on manifestation and LoA - a topic she has never talked about before! 

So the reason why I’m talking about this as the introduction to this blog post is because - I manifested it (obviously, duh, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened). Lauryn is a SUPER busy girlboss and was someone I dreamed of interviewing on my podcast! So for me it was a big goal. And I honestly believe that one of the key things that was important was acting as if it was already going to happen - with a 3 shots of certainty! (3 because I’ve been seeing 3’s as angel numbers a LOT lately!)

If you find you have a goal, whether it be financial, manifesting a soul mate or a job, one KEY manifestation tip which is part of the manifestation process is ACTING AS IF. So how do we really act as if? 


Tell your friends that so and so is hiring you. Tell your mum, tell your boyfriend, tell the world. The more you tell people and you announce it, the more the universe sees that you have faith that it will happen, and the more it will support you to truly manifest it! 


It doesn’t matter if you want to manifest $10k and yet you don’t have the riches to buy material objects that show that wealth right now. It’s about the FEELING! You want to feel as if it’s already happening and this is about closing your eyes, imagining or visualising that money in your bank account and soaking in all the feels. After that, you’ll magically be noticing you’re inspired to make action from doing just that. 


Remember what it was like to play the princess getting married to a prince in kinder or prep? You really went for it didn’t you? (I remember I did, I always had to be the princess and I would make other people the prince HAHAHA). Literally, if you want to manifest a soul mate and you’re having dinner by yourself at home, pretend that you’re on your first date - imagine what you would say, what would he say? 

If you’re manifesting money, how would you spend money? This doesn’t mean you have to go to Kmart and buy everything on the shelves just because they’re marble and pink. It means instead when you see things you want imagining to yourself “I just bought that! Oh, and that and that!” You start to feel abundant that way by mentally spending money.


Dedicate a certain thing or area to signify your desire is coming to reality! e.g when I wanted to manifest moving into an apartment I loved, I cleared my bed and my bedside table to be as I wanted it to be in my new room. I beautified the place and always made my bed in the morning. Thats a key - to be treating your current situation with respect! By acting from a place of respect, you will attract another situation to be respectful and grateful for! 

If what you desire to manifest is a bit more abstract like a soul mate, get a rose quartz crystal as a totem and cultivate SELF LOVE first rather than looking for that boy. 

Okay girls, I’m going to close this laptop because I’m in a car and don’t want to get car sick! But if you are really trying to manifest something and you want to know if you’re doing it, read this blog post on how to know your manifestation is on its way!

Big love,