4 MAJOR Manifestation Mistakes People Make


Happy Sunday babes! How are you feeling at the moment? Like, actually stop for a sec and ask yourself how you’re feeling!

Are you feeling abundant? Content? Kinda meh? Whatever you’re feeling I want you to honour it. If I’m being completely honest, right now it’s Saturday night and I’m writing this blog post to post tomorrow morning and I’m feeling a little odd - I’m being completely raw about this because although I might sound happy all the time on my Instagram stories when I give my Daily Manifestation Tips, it’s not always happy 11/10. I know when it’s right to take the time to honour how I feel and allow the low lull to get out of my system. 

What matters is how quick I come back to being high vibe! One major misconception that girls might have is that you have to be happy all of the time! It’s definitely not the case!! Realistically, I’m sitting here in cold temps, with two different flavours of chocolate next to me, two upcoming exams leering over my head and it doesn’t feel THAT amazing. But I have a secret, I take things lightly - I used to be a complete stress head!! Because we all know that in the end stress doesn’t serve anyone except for your wrinkles and eye bags (not cute). Okay - now I’m rambling. Let’s get onto these 4 major manifestation mistakes that people make (including me in the past!)


So idk about you but when I’m thirsty as, I will drink just about anything (except for soft drinks - sugary ick). Your body is literally telling you “you don’t have enough fluids!” That is the whole point of thirst! 

SO what do you think it means to the universe when you feel “thirsty” for your manifestation? I means you are lacking your manifestation! And thanks to the trusy LoA, you are only going to attract more LACK!

  • There is a difference between wanting something and wanting something. When you come from a place of want, it pretty much implies that you don’t have. And when you come from a space where you don’t have - you attract only more situations where you don’t have! 

When it comes to manifestation, it’s about desiring something without being needy about it. It means releasing the grip and surrendering a little - in fact, A LOT. When I create a masterclass or coaching, I surrender it and stay in the place where I know that the people who need it most will be attracted to it! 


They speak in future tense, or they aren’t using their words wisely. 

Ohhh yeah - people take this one lightly and it’s so easy to forget! When writing or talking about their manifestations, they might say “I want to ___” or “I am going to ____” BUT! If you’re always saying that you WANT to you will stay in the place or wanting. If you say you’re going to XXX then you’re always JUST ABOUT to. The golden key is to write these desires in present tense! This last week, the girls in The Manifestation Collective have been unapologetically claiming their desires and it has been AMAZING to see their shifts already. I know for a fact that they ARE manifesting their desires ;)


So what is resistance? It’s pretty much when you feel like there’s an obstacle between you and your manifestation and you push harder to achieve it, or perhaps you don’t do anything at all. It goes either way of the spectrum. Whenever you are facing resistance, it’s a sign to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. The more you push, the more you strengthen the resistance. If something isn’t working, don’t simply work harder - change your strategy. Look for pathways that flow, that align. Make aligned action! 


They’re afraid of feeling negative in case of manifesting negative experiences. So relating to the above I just rambled about, you do not need to feel happy all the time. If you’re a long time KW reader/listener, you’ll know that I say to manifest your desires it’s as simple as feeling good and having positive thoughts - but HALT! All within reason - we are humans and with being human comes also a spectrum of emotions.

So the down-low? You are ALLOWED to feel into bad emotions! KEY: You will NOT manifest bad experiences if you feel through your bad emotion for a temporary amount of time. It’s totally normal to feel icky and gross sometimes! It’s about releasing the negative emotion, letting it move through you rather than resisting it. It’s about having a QUICK comeback to raising your vibration! And I’m not going to lie, it’s not always easy to raise our vibe. Sometimes we’re stressed, or we feel stifled by people in our surroundings. Nevertheless, there are tools that I SWEAR by for raising my vibration and the good news is that I’m sharing them all with you in this month’s Raise Your Vibe Masterclass!! 

This is the last time I will be holding this masterclass, so make sure you don’t miss out! Spots are limited! Literally, 7 days until we get HIGH VIBE babes! 

Anyway girls, time for me to hit the books again for my last two exams coming up this week! We are learning about statistics + I’ll be cracking some backs #osteolife - major fun. 

I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Big love,

Kimberley xo

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