My Exact Night Time Routine for Manifestation


Oh boy, girls! I am 11% tanking right now! (In need of a major recharge!) Today has been a full schedule day! I’m currently writing this on the train ride to see my family, it’s freaaking cold in Melbourne right now! So cold I’d expect to see snow.

My mind is a little frazzled after coaching over 30 girls today (A combination of the Raise Your Vibe Masterclass + The Manifestation Collective!) The girls were absolutely AMAZING and many shifts were had. So, a LOT of energy was required today and I am feeling like I definitely need to rest and recharge tonight! That is why I love to have a nice night time routine - on a night when I go full out it does involve Netflix and some face masks (THE best time ever) so I’m going to use this kind of night as the golden template for us! 


If you want to prime yourself for the next day, it starts the night before. Manifestation involves inspired action, that means that during the day you want to be at your peak! If you’re optimising yourself to do optimal action, and you feel pretty depleted (much like me today), you want to sometimes go all out (like uggs, tracky dacks and hoodie + goats brie cheese or vegan chocolate). Then sometimes, you just need that baseline boost of care - ya know? We’ll cover that today too.

K so, if we are talking major recharge is required, then we are also talking comfy clothes - THE comfiest. Also for a time frame, this can start anywhere between 7-9pm depending on when I’m free! Last week, I had a major overhaul night time routine that started at 7!

7PM - CRYSTAL SHOWER. Sounds weird right? But it’s because I don’t have a bath in my apartment, so I’ll have a crystal shower instead! I’ll light a candle (mine is currently a lime coconut soy candle), bring a crystal of choice with me - usually it’s rose quartz with 3 quartz points and set it up on the white counter in the bathroom (ironic since there’s no bath). I take in all the good vibes from the crystal + candle and have a nice hot shower (all part of self care). 

7:20PM get changed into the comfiest clothes I have (although let’s be honest, I probably changed into them as soon as I got home at 5pm) Uggs, layers of long sleeves + grey hoodie + warm socks (it’s winter in Australia!)

7:30PM Skincare routine (love skin) - pamper myself. This adds to your self care routine + upping your worthiness which ups your deservingness of your manifestations!

7:50PM pick a movie (maybe on Netflix), whilst watching movie, I’ll wear a face mask + eat some healthy chocolate or make a healthy dessert (blueberries heated on the stove with tahini)


So up until now, you might be thinking - Kimberley there ain’t nothing to do with manifestation here yet! Well just you wait galfrand, I feel like doing all this first is the setup for what is to come. Keep in mind also that if you have a pretty solid morning routine for manifestation (read about that HERE), that the night time routine is simply the priming for the morning routine, so it’s not as intense!

8:30PM maybe I got side tracked from the movie  - I might start to daydream of things I feel inspired to do to manifest my goals! I’ll take note of these on the notes app on my phone. PS the reason this happens is because we’ve stepped back from thinking all the time and zoning out on a movie can give your head space to bring to the surface actions you feel called to do.

9:30PM I might feel like I need to offload for the day, so I’ll journal and talk about any big events that are stuck in my mind, any problem that my mind is trying to solve but should wait til the next day to “fix”.

10PM I’ll listen to a guided meditation or visualisation. At the moment, I am loving this one for manifesting your ideal body by Jon Gabriel. Download it from his site here.

10:15PM I’ve hopefully drifted off to sleep with my subconscious primed from the guided meditation/visualisation. 

So it’s really not that complicated! A lot more simple than my morning routine. You might be thinking that what is the point of just making a few changes to your evening routine? But to me, it helps me wind down, really up my self care and prime myself for the bulk of the heavy lifting in manifestation in the morning! 

Of course, if I've got shit to do then I'll just skip the leisurely parts e.g the movie or the face mask and I'll do a mini version of the journalling session! If you want to hear more about journalling for manifestation you MUST listen to episode 47 on the podcast with my girl Ruby Lee - we chat all about journalling techniques for manifesting SUCCESS!

Let me know your thoughts on this! What do you do for your night routine? 

PS get excited because it’s now uni holidays and I’m working on some MAJOR exciting KW programs/manifestation goodies for you. 

Anyway, you'll find me with a green tea playing with my new rose quartz facial massage tools! Til next week!

Big love,

Kimberley xo