How To Attract Financial Abundance


HAPPY SUNDAY GIRLS! How are you this fine weekend? Right now I’m in my fluffy jacket, grey turtle neck, white jeans and gold hoops with temporary uggs slipped on to keep my feet warm while I wait for my family to come pick me up to go out for dinner! Why am I telling you this? Well, it’s all part of the story - I’m taking my family out for dinner to our favourite Japanese soba restaurant! And for a number of reasons that I will lay out in today’s blog post. (It’s all important).

So you want to attract abundance right? (Like, who doesn’t?) Who wouldn’t mind having a few extra dollars to spend on themselves or on others?Now before we start, let’s test the waters - say this sentence: I LOVE MONEY.

Okay, how did that go? Wherever you are right now, maybe you’re on the train, or maybe you’re at home on the couch or maybe you’re waiting for your hair to dry and you’re killing time - say I LOVE MONEY.

Now depending on your relationship with money, you might have thought "OMG no I cannot say that out loud right now, people are around me and it would sound greedy to say that.” Or maybe you went full force and said “I LOVE MONEYYY!”

It's all about the love.

Either way, if you want to attract abundance into your life the first thing you need to get set straight is your relationship with it. If your boyfriend was standing beside you and you weren’t willing to say you love him in front of your friends, that’s probably going to make him feel sad/icky/not valued. And that is not the way to make him feel if you want to keep him in your life! Likewise, if you were willing to declare your love for him you love him, he’d love you right back. 

SAME THING WITH MONEY. Money won’t enter your life unless you treat it right!


One thing is that if you continue to disprove people that have lots of money. If you see photos of that blogger on instagram who travels the world who is a 7 figure earner and you get this tight feeling in your tummy of jealousy and a feeling that “they have too much money for their own good” kinda attitude, that is a red flag that you disprove of those who have abundance. And no matter HOW hard you work, you cannot create abundance in your life if you disprove others who have it! You must be okay, in fact HAPPY for those who have abundance because it is a sign that you a 100% capable of it too! 


Now here’s a cool story. 

After uni one day, I was walking to the shops to get some dry hair shampoo and on the way I walked past a homeless man with a cap that had a few silver coins. Now in the past I used to think - nah I would rather give this person food than money (for reasons that is a whole other blog post). But something inside me said to myself, “check if you have coins and give that man some money”. I stopped 5 steps after and scrounged around in my purse and found one gold coin. I thought, better than nothing - walked back to the man and said “have a beautiful day :)” and plopped the coin into his cap.

That moment, girls - was like a total SHIFT. My whole life I had been told not to give money to the homeless person or to keep walking (maybe because the people sometimes seemed shifty or whatever) - and this was literally the first time I gave a homeless person TWO BUCKS. 

I walked away feeling a million bucks (dramatic, I know - but seriously try this and you will get me). The KEY here is however, the SPENDING ENERGY. i.e the energy you have when you give the money. If you think “ehhh this guy is going to buy cigarettes with this money, I shouldn’t be giving it to him.” That’s a negative spending energy. If it’s “I’m giving this money to him because he doesn’t have the opportunities that I do to make money and what he does with it is his business” - that’s a positive spending energy. 

Then this is when the magic happened.

That very day as soon as I did that, I knew something special was going to happen. That day I booked numerous client calls with girls who truly wanted to make a TOTAL shift in their life. Like clockwork, I had opened a whole new door to abundance by that SIMPLE act! (Along with high vibing, aligning my energy to receive abundance - everything I show you how to do in The Manifestation Collective!)

I strongly believe this would have been a different story if I kept walking past that man.

Now talking about generosity - it shows the world that you feel abundant because you have more than enough for yourself that you can give to others. And that is exactly why I took my family out to dinner telling them to order whatever they wanted + dessert (which everyone often skimps on) which felt SO rewarding  - to remind myself that I am doing this not only for myself and to live the best life I can live, but to bless others. 

That is an intention I will carry up on my way to being the 7 figure earner that I already know I am (bold, I know - but I practise what I preach - announcing and claiming my desire, writing it down!) - PS if that sentence made you cringe then you have money issues to work on, possibly to do with seeing money with a greedy connotation!

REMEMBER - money makes you more of who you CURRENTLY ARE. The people who are rich and who abuse the money they have were like that to begin with even when not affluent. (Read more about money here!)


Your current mindset got you here, but it won't get you there. This is a MAJOR thing to remember - by investing in yourself and empowering yourself with the right money mindset to have, you CREATE abundance for yourself! You add value to yourself + the mindset to get yourself to that dream life! The last time I invested in myself, I manifested $13k in 6 weeks - it's all totally possible. THIS and more, we DO in The Manifestation Collective!

Now girls, if you want to truly up level your life, and you know you want to live YOUR BEST LIFE, The Manifestation Collective is 100% for you.

WE START IN ONE WEEK for the Winter Round! One of the girls who JUST decided to uplevel and invest in TMC emailed me today telling me that after joining, she literally sold 3 COPIES of her self love package she has created!!!

KEY POINT: Invest in yourself and the magic starts - the universe responds and sees your commitment.

If you’re curious, email me below! Anyway, time to get back into study for me whilst listening to my fav bossa nova music (Paul Dessie is where it's at). Speak soon!

Big love,

Kimberley x