Life Changing Mindset Shifts for Successful Manifestations


Hi girls! Happy Sunday as per usual, my set up for writing today’s blog post is different to normal - I’m sitting in bed with a black puffer jacket on, with an empty tea cup which had matcha in it (sometimes you just have to drink it when it’s at that perfect temp - you know?)

One thing I’m finding is that I’ve been feeling run down lately and I’ve just been learning about the moon and its phases this morning! So naturally, I checked my moon app on my phone (called Moon Phase) and found out the moon is in a waning phase. This literally synced up perfectly with how I’m feeling! Waning means decreasing = energy decreasing. Not to mention, having my period at the same time (TMI?) puts the cherry on top of the cake (gluten free, nut flour pls!). Why did I just write about the energy + the moon? I have no clue, just felt like it was intriguing and maybe something you might want to dig into! 

Anyway, into today’s blog post - I polled you girls in my IG story and you voted for Life Changing Mindset Shifts for Successful Manifestations! So here we are, some major mindset shifts I had when I began to see my desires come to reality.


I had this deep knowing that what I wanted was coming. Ofc it didn’t start like this! I started off being a little sheepish and thinking “uh, okay - so universe if this stuff is real, show me that .. it.. is…” and that was when I had started off an experiment asking the universe to show me red cars and butterflies. Within 48 hours, I had seen BOTH red cars after red cars on my way to the train station + butterflies on my IG feed, all around me! This built my faith in the universe and now I KNOW that if I desire something and intend to manifest it, I have a deep knowing that it’s on its way. What does that feel like? Well, like it’s already in your life but you can’t see it. I already start to speak about it - like my book that I’ve just started writing “A Girl’s Guide to Manifestation”! It’s already a thing, it may not be in physical form but I know it’s already a thing!


I used to think that fear meant not doing that activity. I hated falling (and still do sometimes) when I rock climb, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing! The fear of falling is simply a protective mechanism in my head. I don’t know how far I’m going to fall, and that leaves me feeling like I can’t control the situation - I don’t know what the outcome is! 

My mind doesn’t care if there’s a harness + rope to keep me safe, it just sees the danger and tried to protect me! Same thing when you go on a venture to do something e.g start a business/blog/podcast. We don’t know what the outcome is if we try something new - so our brain tries to protect us, even if it means from doing something that could lead to a whole different life for us.

I’ve learned that fear isn’t bad all the time, and that it can also lead you to the things that you SHOULD do to move forward and go from normal to incredible.


Similarly to fear, we often HATE failing! We think that failing means that we aren’t meant to pursue something. School taught us that failure is bad. Failed maths in year 9? "Well, that means I’m not cut out to do maths in the future. I’ll do art instead.” This was literally trained into our thoughts!

But what school didn’t teach us, was that failure means DO IT AGAIN. Fail again and keep failing until you succeed. Success is built upon a layer of failures - often! And in the manifestation world, a failure just means “not yet. Grow more. It's coming in the divine timing, right for you.” The reason why so many people fail in manifesting their desires is because they give up too early. They stop digging JUST before they hit that vein of gold. And it’s a complete SHAME! Combine the deep knowing that it’s coming + the persistence and, girl, you’re golden.


It is so incredibly important to know that your intuition is guiding you to all the right things to help you manifest your desires! Looking for new friends and being asked to go out for drinks with some shady people? - listen to your gut, say no.

Manifesting your dream business but feeling like you need help? Listen to your gut and invest in yourself - investing in yourself is the surest thing you can put your money in! No bank, no financial portfolio can guarantee that you’ll be a better person or more capable of creating more abundance for yourself at the end of the term - nah-uh girl. YOU are your biggest asset!

I know that the girls that I’m coaching are going to get the biggest return because they’ve invested in themselves. Ask yourself which coach you’re drawn to, which books/courses you feel called to read. Just last week I opened up applications to work with me 1-1 on manifesting your deepest desires! There’s already a waitlist, but if you’d love to work with me, check out all the details HERE to see how you can be on your way to manifesting your dream life!

Okay girls, my knees are a little sore now from crossing them under this duvet, and it’s time for more self care and reading on this Sunday. PS just checked the time and it’s 2:22PM! ANGEL NUMBERS! Ps if you want to know the meanings from each number e.g 333, 444 download my pocket guide to angel numbers by subscribing to my blog below! You’ll get an email sent to you with a password to the resource library!

Super excited for the calls I have with girls ready to up level their lives this week!

Til next week!

Big love,

Kimberley xo