Why Your Manifestation Hasn't Come Yet


Hi girls! I’m buzzing right now because I’m SO excited for just writing this blog post - life is good and part of manifesting more and more of your dream life into reality is being grateful for the opportunities you have! So I just wanted to say I’m so grateful for YOU and that you are reading this blog post! Because without you this platform and community would not exist.

I’m sitting on my bed writing this today listening to some soft chill music (loving This Land Is Ours by Shoffy atm, play it whilst you read!) - freshly journaled and pulled a card from my deck! Something AMAZING happened - I asked in my journal: Dear universe, please up level an area of my life today. Show me what you got. And the card that I pulled is the one that's the photo for this post!!! (The universe has your back!)

It resonated perfectly with me and is full confirmation that it’s happening and that the wheels are turning for an area of my life to full up level. 

Today’s blog is a goood one! Something unspoken yet what everyone thinks is “how come my manifestation hasn’t come yet?” Part of it is because some of us who are experienced with manifesting our desires don’t want this thought to come in in case you show the universe that you don’t have the belief that it really IS coming. But the whole point of this blog post is to give you tips and some juicy insight into why your manifestation is still in another parallel reality, and not this one.


Okay so the first reason that is SUPER common is that you might be thirsty for your manifestation. This is not the right way to attract your desire girl! How many times have you heard about boys being thirsty for some girl they like and totally turning the girl off? It’s the same thing with the universe + your manifestation! If you’re thirsty, you tell the universe that you do not have what you want. The law attraction states that LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE, therefore you only attract more situations to be thirsty in (i.e not having it). So what you need to do is remember that to bring this manifestation into reality, it’s about attracting, not chasing. Attracting, not chasing. I repeat, attracting, not chasing.

An affirmation that you can use is this: My manifestation is being attracted and magnetised to me as I speak.

Repeat x 11 and wait!! Make sure you energetically feel like it’s being attracted and not like you’re chasing it.


You’re stuck in between two paradigms: having it and not having it. You need to choose which paradigm you want to stay in! Are you in the lack, or are you in the abundance? Do you have the soul mate, or don’t you have him? Do you have the job, or do you not have the job? You pick your paradigm and make sure as heck that when you do you stay with the feeling of it! Become an energetic match for that paradigm and act as how you would in that paradigm. I have a really cool story for this! My current personal coach and energy healer Lindsay from Our and Are (who is in ep 34 on the podcast!) told me that the issue I was facing was fluctuating between two paradigms, one of lack and one of abundance. I made a big shift and as soon as I sent my voice note to her (which happened to be at 1:11pm) I IMMEDIATELY received a payment for a girl joining my Melbourne evening workshop, Manifestation by Twilight (which SOLD OUT!). 

It was incredible and almost like a direct message from the universe that I was on the right track. Freaking amazing!! 


If you rushed into thinking of manifesting this certain thing or experience into your life, there’s a v strong chance that you didn’t set the right intentions and goals for it. This is SO important when it comes to making sure that your manifestations are aligned with you. In order for you to manifest a certain thing, you must become a vibrational match for it. This means that you need to know what your intentions and goals are so that you can meet the universe halfway. 

E.g if someone wants to manifest $10k but they have no intention why, they just “want” it, they might overlook the fact they simply desire and crave validation from their family that they can make money - this then means that their point of attraction is off from the beginning! It means that they are manifesting in the area of family + validation, even when they “think” they’re manifesting in money and abundance. THIS is why it’s so important to get clear from the beginning. It doesn’t mean this person cannot manifest the $10k, they absolutely can! All that’s needed is for them to redirect the intention clearly from an aligned place + heal the wound with needing validation from their family (a common thing I work on with my 1-1 clients when they’re not manifesting what they desire!) 

So! An aligned intention would feel right, it would be directed in the right area of life so that a tangent can’t be created for the point of attraction to be in “family + relationships”. I am teaching exactly HOW to do this in the AUGUST Monthly Magic Masterclass of Manifestation Monthly (your go-to membership site for manifesting your strategic future by design!). If you’re reading this on the day this has blog has come out, we are launching V soon! Make sure to have a stalk and follow @kimberleywenya to see when you can join! 

I hope you LOVED this blog girls, I had a blast writing it! If you have any questions, leave them below or send me a DM on instagram

I’m hoping to do a podcast version of this also! Keep your eyes out! Okay now back to setting up the back end of Manifestation Monthly before we launch!! 

Big love,

Kimberley x


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