How Come Some People Are Better Manifestors Than Others?


Hi girls! Today I’m almost having like a sabbatical Sunday. What even is a sabbatical? I guess to me it means keeping more to myself and allowing me to work on my self. After all, coaches need time to work on their on personal development and recharge their energy! One thing I’ve realised is that being a coach takes energy (well, everything does). And I have a certain amount each day that I need to choose things wisely to use it on! So today I’m being a little more quiet on social media BUT I am excited as MANIFESTATION MONTHLY has LAUNCHED! It means that a lot of my energy will be going there and if you want anything to do with a gorgeous group of high vibe girls who are having the most AMAZING synchronicities and connecting, you have to come join us. It’s like, high vibe babes all in one energetic group with one thing in common: we love manifestation and spirituality from a modern girl perspective. 

More about Manifestation Monthly at the end of the post!

Before we get into this blog, there is ONE main thing you need to know. We are all AMAZING manifestors. In fact, we are fan-freaking-tastic manifestors. The only difference is: some of us are better at manifesting what we ACTUALLY want, rather than what we don’t want.

This all comes back to the rule that the universe takes things quite literally from what is seen in your mind. If you’re thinking and seeing in your mind that you "don’t want to be rejected” then all you see is a scene from a movie in your head of you feeling hurt, sorry for yourself and it’s a whole lot of icky! 

The thing is, you’re a GREAT manifestor, you do not need to doubt that. But this is a pseudo-issue. It’s a red herring. What you really need to focus on, is laser focussing that manifestation power towards the things you really DO want. And this also needs to be aligned.

If some of you are thinking, but my life is not manifesting anything at the moment! Then it’s because you’re not asking for anything. Or if you’re asking, then your manifestation just hasn’t come just yet! (Click here to read last week’s post on why your manifestation hasn’t come yet).

So the reason why certain people are better manifestors for what they want is because:


When you were late to class or to that work meeting, it was because you were certain you were going to be late. You told yourself in the car whilst the traffic wasn’t moving that you were going to be late over and over again! This is the thing that most people find easy to believe, because we’re so used to comfort which often seems to be what isn’t the favoured result. You’re used to being late or JUST on time, so your subconscious mind tells you that that is the most “likely” outcome and you have certainty. We just don’t realise that it’s just as easy to put that energy into being early and manifesting green traffic lights for the rest of the journey. Because it’s out of our comfort zone, it’s been rare in the past and so you struggle to have certainty. 

Gabby Bernstein recently shared that she and her husband are pregnant with a baby boy! And the whole world has been waiting for this moment with her because years ago she said she was manifesting a child! And she had CERTAINTY that it was going to happen, despite many years of trying. And it’s finally happened for her! 


They invest in themselves - investing in yourself is a KEY way to show the universe that you are ready for manifesting your dream life. Whether that is in a book, a membership (check out Manifestation Monthly here!), a coach or course. They find out how to pivot and how to manifest what they want. It’s the same with people studying at school, some invest in extra coaching on the side and they put energy into that - in response, they manifest doing well at school. 


They live in an environment where they are able to dream BIG and so they can manifest all that they desire. They are surrounded by uplifting friends (click here to read about how to manifest like-minded friends), and audit the amount of time they spend with low vibe people. No one criticises how ridiculous their goal might seem to manifest $50k in one year as a student (this is my goal for this year which I have certainty I’m reaching!) SO it’s up to you to decide if you’re going to put yourself in the right environment to thrive. Your morning routine is involved in this also! It primes you for your day. If you haven’t read about my morning routine, read about it here!


They are high vibe! When you feel happy, that’s when all your manifestations come hurling towards you because you’re attracting them incredibly fast! You know you’re high vibe when you feel happy, passionate, joyful. Join your high vibe tribe with the Manifestation Monthly girls here!!! Not only that, in Manifestation Monthly we have monthly Q&A for all your manifestation questions where I personally answer them! We have amazing masterclasses and meditations to get you manifesting that dream life you have. AND if you join by August 1st, you get 3 amazing bonus masterclasses! Don’t delay and say ‘I’ll join later” in case you forget - the doors close for signing up July 31st and I have no idea when they’ll be open again!


I cannot WAIT to see you in the tribe!! I start uni again tomorrow which means more aligned action to continue to grow my brand and business! (V interesting topic which I might talk about more on the podcast!) Off to welcome more girls into Manifestation Monthly now!

Big love,

Kimberley x


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