3 Things Stopping You From Up-levelling

3things that stop you from upleveling

Hi girls! So it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m sitting here typing this blogpost after a very very long week. And I feel like we all know what I’m talking about because let’s just say that this week was WEIRD. If you’re curious about why, consider this: is you believe in astrology or all things to do with the moon, then you will know that there’s been a full moon, an eclipse, and SIX PLANETS IN RETROGRADE! 

Now I’ve never been that girl who goes “OMG mercury’s in retrograde, I’m gonna have a shit week - it’s all over.” - nah, that ain’t me. Instead, I kind of just explore it (I’m new in all this too - after all this brand and blog is all about bridging the gap between the woo and modern girl… daily.. life!) So this week I went my way and went to uni, scheduled meetings, did FB lives, recorded podcasts - the lot. But boy of boy was I in for a treat (like many of us). I had 3 meetings scheduled in the wrong places by accident, a lot of miscommunication and on top of that I felt fatigued! (I napped for 2 hours yesterday to catch up on sleep haa!) Apart from that, it just felt - FREAKING WEIRD! Like I didn’t feel like myself, things were off, evening my sleeping was odd as. 

So now having said that, if you’ve had a weird week - know that it was because a LOT of energy was moving around for sure. (Its okay.)

Okay so the reason why I wanted to write about three things stopping you from up levelling is because I’ve recently reached a stage where I feel like I have reached another level - and with every level comes new fears and things that keep us playing small. And I really believe that many us ARE still playing small so I wanted to address this in a post!


Okay so maybe you love having things your way, and being able to control everything from the sign off from your emails, to the handwriting in your uni work. You get a high off being able to produce HIGH quality work and you are proud of that! All your life being a perfectionist has served in ways where you felt amazing, but always usually in a contained environment (in your family, in school, at your job). But the reality is, that in the real life - perfectionism is not the way to go to grow big, and rise above the average. We need to relinquish the need to have everything perfect!! And this is one thing that I am releasing as bringing someone to help me on with my calendar, some emails and admin for the day. It’s a big leap, to press publish on a blog post which you haven’t proof read, or to allow someone to arrange your calendar for you when there’s a certain way you want your day to flow. But it’s by releasing these tasks that allow you to grow and do more of what you’re brilliant at. Produce more blogs, reach more girls through live video, spend more time with your family! Be a rebel and allow things to go out at a B+ rather than A+. Because chances are, as a perfectionist you already have super high standards, and your B+ is someone else’s A+!


I know what it’s like, to be waiting for the day when you wake up and feel FULLY ready to jump into the unknown. But then one day passes, three days pass, a week and then you realise a month has passed and you’re STILL contemplating the same question. “Do I start that blog? Do I post that on my instagram? Do I reach out to that girl? Do I hire that coach?” All in the mean time you’ve wasted a month of time where you COULD have been growing.

Here’s what I’ve really learned - THERE NEVER IS A PERFECT TIME! In fact, the ego tricks us to think that there will be a time where everything clicks. But it’s a big fat lie. When I started my blog, I felt like I could’ve waited another year. When I started a podcast, I did it within a week of its inception. I could’ve waited a month, or two. 

Even now, bringing on a beautiful VA - IT DON’T FEEL LIKE THE RIGHT TIME! Do I got fears? (I know, bad English but it feels like how I feel right now to say that) YES I GOT FEARS. And my head tells me to wait a few more months, maybe even a few more years. But I know that allowing and releasing this will allow me to grow beyond my wildest imagination, even though I have no idea how it’s going to pan out. But I hope for the best, and I EXPECT the best. 


In some cases, the short term effect is bleak. In fact, some things to up level cost money - they’re investments and in the short term you only see your bank account decrease. But up levelling in this way is an INVESTMENT! If you haven’t already, listen to episode 57 on my podcast where we chat about how to frame investing in yourself. There is a return but it comes in a while, not in 24 hours, not in 2 days. When girls join Manifestation Monthly, they do it because they know that their lives are transforming fully into the ones they desire by doing the aligned work, using the beautiful resources and integrating them into their daily routines. Girls who’ve joined have already made returns - like manifesting clients (Zoe manifested her IDEAL client in just 5 days of joining Manifestation Monthly!)

It’s also a question of whether you’re allowing your fears to come between you and your goals. Are your fears more important? Or your goals and your dreams?

So girls, I’m inviting you to come and join us in Manifestation Monthly to freaking up-level and create life the way you desire! It’s your go-to membership site for modern girl manifestation. Doors close in under 2 days and after that, I have no idea when they’ll open and whether the price will have gone up! Girls who join before August 1st also have access to 3 BONUS masterclasses and keep the low investment cost for as long as you’re a part of our high vibe tribe! 

Anyway girls, I’m off to reply some more emails and start getting organised for this amazing rest of the year ahead! 

Big love,
Kimberley x


Kimberley Loo