How to Manifest High Vibe, Like-Minded Friends


Girls HI! How’s your Sunday going? I have chill ethereal vibes happening here at KW HQ (literally my bedroom ha!) listening to some Bon Iver that Byam was last listening to on my Spotify acc. It seems to fit the bill for today’s vibes so I’m letting the playlist roll. I also have my chai with me! I had a sleepy day today, I woke up at 9am to rest up, did my miracle morning routine (click here to read more about morning routines for manifestation!) and then was interviewed on a podcast which I'll be announcing on my IG story this week! 

So I’ve had a good morning that’s for sure! (I also plan for self care Sunday night with a nice face mask + chick flicks a-plenty). There’s a lot of stuff happening on this end, lots of interviews being scheduled, I’m in the midst of writing my book (EE!), creating a course + the Manifestation Monthly Membership site which I’m SO excited for!! Sign up below to be the first to know about them it launches!

Anyway! That aside, I’ve managed to find the gaps to rest in and LIVE in, and not feel overwhelmed. I’ll be talking about this in episode 52 out tomorrow! But that’s a different topic, let’s get right into how to manifest like-minded girlfriends.

OKAY so, you might be thinking well wait this feels so cringe, me reading a blog post on how to manifest friends - is that sad/pitiful etc etc? Let me tell you girl, STOP! It’s totally okay. Because I can bet you that EVERYONE has a point in life, early or late, on wanting to meet friends who are more aligned with their values - ya know? 

I always thought I was weird, that I was the only one who didn’t have friends from kinder who I was still BEST friends with, with old weathered friendship bracelets locked up somewhere in a wooden drawer. I realised this wasn’t the case because the more I voiced and blabbed about wanting to manifest like-minded friends, the more I realised this resonated a lot more with so many girls. Note: girl = any female human from the age of 0-111. 

So 1) don’t be ashamed of wanting to manifest like-minded friends. WE ALL DO.

K so now that’s out of the way, how do we do it?

GET PICKY - but in a nice way

This doesn’t mean to shun your high school friends or to CUT TIES (that’s a little drastic). What I’m really saying is to get picky with what you want in these new friends! Are they really girly? Are they tom boy? Do they like cheese? What characteristics do you want in thus friends? Get as specific or broad as you like. For me, I simply wanted spiritual running buddies and friends who were into the woo, but not too woo! 

Write a list with what you desire in these friends! 

Ask the universe.

Literally ask the universe to bring in these new friends! You can write something along the lines of: dear universe, please bring me friends who are (insert your list of things your friends are interested in!)

Friendly action

Okay so this is where you now have written your intention down and it now comes to making action to allowing those friends in! Start to think of what you can do to start meeting these new people! Is it joining new facebook groups? Going into uni rather than watching the lectures online? Actually replying to those text messages you never got back to?

Start to take these small actions and the universe sees how willing you are to bring them in. By doing this you’re saying YES to friends and the universe starts to pull together all these magical situations for you to walk into to meet new friends who fit your list! 

Wait for the magic to happen

Make action and allow the friendships to grow + blossom. Maybe you come across someone who is totally on your vibe and you guys love the same things! 

Remember that friendships can’t be forced! They need to be nurtured and it takes genuine care and love to build one. There will be a moment in the future when you realise - shit - I manifested this girl into my life! I literally did! (That’s what happened to me with one my gfs Yassamin!) In fact, Yassamin just sent me a voice message a few minutes ago telling me that she followed these steps because I talked through them in my IG TV video here! And she manifested an in-person friendship from getting her eyelash extensions touched up!!! (since Yassamin and I live in different countries! She lives in the US, I in Australia).

Always go with your gut

In the past I used to make friends without tapping into my intuition and seeing whether they really had good vibes. It led me to learn some hard lessons on being picky (in a good way) with choosing high vibe friends, friends who would support me no matter what without judgement (and today that is now what I’m living!!) Trust your gut and know that these girls will come - your tribe is out there! 

If you want deeper explanation to the process, watch my IG TV video here!

If you’re looking for your high vibe tribe, keep an eye out for Manifestation Monthly!! Your SOON TO LAUNCH go-to membership website to meet likeminded girls + manifest your dreams and desires with monthly trainings, meditations + so much more! 

I decided to finish this blog post off at the climbing gym (I came to visit Byam on his shift and may have eaten some sneaky totopos + spicy salsa). I wrapped up the week 5 call with The Manifestation Collective Girls (who are doing AMAZINGLY!) I cannot wait to share the huge shifts that they’ve already gone through with you soon! 

Speak soon yeah?

Big love,

Kimberley xo