How KW Brought in 5 Figures Months, 6 Months into Business!

how kw brought in 5 figures

Hi girls!

It feels so exciting to be writing a blog post about this milestone that’s just happened! KW officially brought in 5 figures in the month of July!!! EEE! I’m currently writing this blog post multitasking, watching season one of Gossip Girl. Because the thing is, that when things don’t necessarily feel aligned (when working on ANYTHING!) make it fun by adding something that you do feel like doing (for me that’s looking at all the luxe dresses in GG).

I’ve got a full 1 hour episode all about this on the podcast (episode 61)! But I thought we had to also have a written celebration as documentation on the blog!

First off, it feels INCREDIBLE for KW to have reached this milestone, and at the same time - it’s not surprising! Because I’ve been expecting this to happen as it’s a goal and desire that I’ve expected to come since I started my manifestation coaching business. Here are a few pointers on how KW got here (and how it’s continuing to hit milestones!)

1 ) Releasing time frames

First off, I released the time frame of how my goal of reaching 5 figures was going to come. Because the thing is that sometimes setting a time frame means that you will surely receive that amount of money (since what you have certainty of WILL happen!) but it could also mean that you block MORE abundance coming in. So from now on, when I have financial goals, I either set it as one I want to reach but without the time frame. Because I did this with reaching 5 figures, it happened a lot faster than I thought it would originally! K so it’s not always that simple though, sometimes you do need to use your intuition to see when you really do need a time frame (I explain this more in ep 61). In the case of bigger goals, I reckon it’s good to release the time frame so you don’t block the possibility of it coming 1) faster or 2) in a larger amount!

2 ) Sacrifice

This word is so… dramatic - the word sacrifice! But it’s true that when you want to achieve 5 figures in your business it means sacrificing the energy that you’re putting into areas that aren’t growing your business. I’ve spent most of my uni breaks working, whether that’s answering emails, taking conference calls or creating content. It means less parties, but going out when it matters most - with people who are like minded! 

3 ) Using your intuition, a LOT

When you’re studying full time and creating a business, it means making ALL of your decisions based on your intuition. Even when it came to studying certain topics for exams, because the reality is that you don’t have time to study everything. If you did, it’s most likely that you wouldn’t have enough time for producing content, and working (it’s the reality). You also need to ask yourself if your degree is contributing to your future vision or not - or if it’s super important that you get good grades. If it’s not important, then there’s nothing to worry about if you drop a few marks. I’ve gone by the fact that your best effort is usually 80% and the rest to get the 100% is the perfectionist effort. I no longer use energy in the perfectionist effort, and it’s reflected well in my grades still!

4 ) Doing you part + releasing the rest to the universe.

When I had my goal set, I knew that I just had to show up and that by putting out my intention that the universe would amplify and do the rest. It’s not necessarily the case that the harder you work, the more money you make - because I did not feel like I had to work “harder” this month than the month before, yet the financial manifestation was different! I’ve heard this from so many people, but never realised that it’s true until July happened. Don’t get me wrong, I worked my butt off, but I also did the month before that and there has been a big increase in the financial abundance I’ve received! 

SO these are 4 things that helped KW bring in 5 figures months! Let me know which ones you liked most in the comments below, and if you really want to know in depth how this truly happened (This blog post doesn’t do it justice) listen to ep 61 on the pod!

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Big love,

Kimberley x

Kimberley Loo