Girlboss Manifestation Tips (with Journal Prompts!)


Hi girls! So I’m currently writing this in this cafe around the corner from my place which has super high vibes! I am loving it and so I weaved in my daily manifestation tip to be about putting yourself in a high vibe situation when you want to feel inspired! (P.S Document, don’t create - a tip I learned from Gary V).

Today’s blog is one I am super passionate about - being a productive, kickass girlboss who is living an abundant lifestyle. Let me tell you it feels amazing to be walking into this cafe with my Chanel Boy WOC on my shoulder, ordering the drinks I want without looking at the cost of them (let’s be honest, we’ve all been in that space - ordering the cheapest thing on the menu). But I ditched that story a while ago, and now I want to help you do the same in this post by giving you some major manifestation girlboss tips that have helped me make the transition!


Do you want to be a world renowned speaker? Or an author? Or just want to be a super successful coach? Whatever you want to be, get CLEAR with it because the universe loves clarity and when you’re (quartz) crystal clear, your manifestations come FAST (whether that’s clients through the door, money in the bank account, that dream bag you desire).

Here’s a journal prompt for this action point: What do you really want to be known for? What do you want to manifest through your business?


I love a Gary V tip. Whilst he’s also an alien and a little bit too much on the hustle side for me, his concepts and ideas are golden. One tip I learned from him is to focus on what is giving you results! I used to have a youtube channel and whilst I loved doing it, with uni happening at the same time, podcasts were so much easier to create. I didn’t have to look decent, I could wear my ugg boots and pjs for all the world - not to see me (hahaha). Not only that though, the convenience paired with the amazing results I got from creating a podcast truly shifted my focus to drop YT (for now) and to go all in on creating inspiring high vibe audio for you girls. 

Journal prompt: what is giving you results right now? Focus on that.


Don’t look at the numbers, focus on the impact you’re making on people’s lives! When I made my first 5 figure month, I didn’t focus on that, in fact I released it fully to the universe and decided to choose to focus on how many girls’ lives I could change. It was from that energy and vibration that I was able to go above and beyond what I felt was even possible! 

Journal prompt: What is your impact on the world? What impact do you want to make on people?


Schedule your time so that you’re not lying to yourself on what you can get done in one day. You know, when you’ve said you’ll do 30 things on your to do list today but then you look at the time and it’s 8pm and you half ticked off task one. This is a manifestation of self sabotage and in order to get past it, sometimes visually seeing how much time you literally have really helps! That also means not working around other people’s time and to work around YOUR time.

This week someone didn’t honour my time and I had to draw the line. When someone starts to take your time for granted and say things like “can you take a call right now?” after being late to your scheduled time, and you have something else scheduled in, honour YOURSELF enough to say no. The main draw point in the situation I was faced with: was I was giving my time to be interviewed and this person told me on the DOT of the appointment that they were running late. She then proceeded to not reply my message and kept me waiting online without knowing when she would get online (whilst being active on chat) - girls we all know that we think through these things this way and honestly - this was not good enough. SO I drew the line and with my schedule wasn’t able to reschedule and with someone who didn’t respect my time, I wouldn’t want to invest anymore in that relationship. So bottom line is, draw your line when you need to. Honour yourself enough to say no.

Journal prompt: are you honouring your time? Are you self sabotaging or are you working based on others’ calendars?


Get yourself into a high vibration state before you create something! Maybe you don’t feel like writing that blog post, but you feel like watching Gossip Girl on rerun. Okay, so do both! I’ve honestly done this before and it helps the process even though it goes against multitasking and “productivity” but if that helps you get the job done, do it!

Feeling low vibe? Go to a cafe and share the good vibes and infuse it into your blog! I’m sure that you girls can tell by reading this blog post that there are good vibes infused into these sentences and words! 

Journal prompt: are you making action from an aligned place currently? What could you change?


Instead of saying that you’ll work on something all the time, I sometimes like to substitute this word with “produce” instead. I means that you’re actually CREATING a final product, prototype, something that can actually add to your manifesting money or success in your business. Start to do things that actually produce something! e.g an ebook, produce a masterclass, an episode, a video. Otherwise it’s so easy to get caught up in “working hard” on your business yet not producing results. 

Journal prompt: Are you producing or working on your business?

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