How to Deal with Mercury Retrograde

how to deal with mercury retrograde

Hey hey, Happy Mercury Retrograde! Kidding, but for the theme of this blog post, welcome to your 101 on retrogrades, in particular one that belongs to dear mercury.

I’m currently wanting to sit in the fetal position given the painful cramps I’m experiencing right now, but it’s all good - I’m committed to this blog and to every Sunday bringing you a fresh blog post! (Currently writing this on the coach at the climbing gym Byam works at!)


So. Mercury, mercury mercury. We learned you sit between the sun and the earth and apart from that not much else. 

First off, there are two parts to this story. 1) Mercury, 2) the event of the retrograde.

Soo, each planet represents a certain thing (e.g Venus represents love). In the case of Mercury, it represents communication? Yep!

So now the retrograde part. If a planet is considered to be “going retrograde”, it means that it is appearing to be moving backwards in the sky. What does this mean for us? Well it means that it’s more likely for shit to occur in communication in our lives!

Calling your mum? Maybe her phone has a tonne of static when you try to talk to her. Sending a letter? Maybe you write the wrong address. Say something to your boyfriend? Maybe he doesn’t understand you. Getting into nit picky fights? Blame mercury - I’m kidding (not really). But seriously, we need to take a little more care when it comes to living in a mercury retrograde.

The other part of this story is that a retrograde lasts longer than one night. I used to think that it was like a full moon. Creating a bright night sky so you struggle to sleep and then already waning the next day. 

This is uh - wrong. It turns out that the current retrograde I’m writing this in lasts until Aug 19th! (It started July 26th) So it’s not like, something we can wing - it’s for a decent amount of time! 


Crystal yourself out!

You know that little corner where you hoard all your crystals? Where it’s a rainbow of coloured stones that you just keep in one spot because you’ll lose them otherwise? Well I realised this was the case for me, so I decided to pick the crystals that were going to help with the retrograde! My lovely mentor Sue from Scented Naturally (an amazing candle and crystal store in Northcote) helped me understand which crystals are best for a retrograde.

Check out the photo below from Sue on which Crystals are great! Personally, I carry mine in my pocket in a little pink pouch.

Photo by Sue from  Scented Naturally!

Photo by Sue from Scented Naturally!

For more info, listen to my latest podcast episode 59 on the KW podcast!

Take care when communicating with others. When you’re talking to your boyfriend, instead of yelling to him from your room how to make your tea, and then looking at a really white tea (because he put too much milk) walk over and tell him. Take care when sending emails to make sure you’ve written the right thing! 

Last but not least, make sure that when miscommunication happens, that you make fun from it! Instead of getting REALLY angry that he made your tea wrong, or getting angry with the universe that you’re having to reschedule a meeting for the third time, have a laugh! (This literally happened to me with amazingly talented astrologer and tarot reader Natalia Benson who’s coming onto the pod!)

Give yourself grace. If you stuff up, now you know what’s happening and now you have some insight into how you can conquer the retrograde (which is more than just one night long hahaha). 

Anyway it’s a short one from me this week as I’m off to meet my mum and sister in the city for lunch! Keep your eyes out for some exciting news about the next round of TMC coming soon…! (I’m SO EXCITED!)

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