What You’re Missing Out On If You’re Not Getting Into Alignment


Hey girls! I know it’s been a fortnight since I last posted, but I’m all about giving you girls the scoop one what the latest manifestation tool is that I’ve been using! Every now and then I like to have a focus where I commit to improving my life in one area. Lately, to get into the flow of things for uni to finish off my last semester whilst running my business, I’ve been wanting to find ways to make everything more enjoyable!

If you have a full time job and are wanting to create a side hustle, then you completely get me. (For those wondering, I am studying osteopathy and will finish my bachelor in a few months!)

So what is alignment? This is no new concept to me, in fact I talk about it in one of the days in my wellness reboot! (Habits for Wellness). Since then I’ve been exploring alignment a whole lot more to see how I can push the boundaries and live life in flow. So what do these things mean?

To me, being in alignment means being in the right path to manifesting your desires. If that is the case, then it means that being alignment means feeling good (because good emotions signify that you are manifesting your desires - even if you don’t know what they are!) 

Currently, my uni work often makes me feel like I’m getting out of alignment. So I’ve been doing a bunch of things to get myself into alignment before doing uni work, or compromising and trusting and allowing the universe to intervene with divine guidance (like when I only study a certain few topics out of all thirty). 

When you get into alignment, you’re raising your vibe so you can do your daily tasks with ease. It also makes the whole process more fun because you’re doing activities you enjoy! 

So here are a few things you’re missing out on if you’re not getting into alignment:

1 . Having the most fun on boring days

When you focus on getting into alignment, you’re taking the time to listen to your intuition on what you feel like doing! When you follow that and it feels good, you’re always on the right path to manifesting your goals. Okay so let’s get specific. Yesterday, it felt like alignment for me to watch Gossip Girl whilst flipping through some fashion magazines. (I felt like making an old school vision board!) So I thought I might as well enjoy the magazines before cutting them up. That led to me feeling like upping my standards in my makeup bag and heading in to the city to get some Chanel makeup. It felt like so much fun and on the way there I saw several angel numbers! (333 on a bus, 4444 literally printed on the Chanel carry bag). And I just knew that by following what felt good on this day that was previously going to be a boring one, I had a fab day! 

This doesn’t mean you have to go out and spend money on things you want - that’s just what I felt called to do and when you feel called to spend on something, if you don’t act you will often simply use that same money on things you don’t like! (Words from Florence Scovel Schinn).

2 . Making the resentful tasks easier

We all have things that we don’t love doing whether it’s getting your finances all lined up for the financial year (cue my own things I need to solve - I am doing the thing that feels aligned for me right now which is to hire an accountant!) Or maybe you don’t enjoy reading work emails from your boss - so you play some Bossa nova, maybe a little John Mayer (I’ve been loving this song atm) listen for the rest of this blog post! And journal a little before putting on an energy protection bubble around you and opening each email. This is basically a bubble that you create around yourself to stop any negativity entering your energy space! You might then really enjoy the process!

3 . It’s like decorating a boring cookie the way you like

Like I mentioned in #2, you can create a perfectly curated experience for what would otherwise be really boring. It’s like those really boring cookies that our mum’s bought when we were little and then we’d ice them and put sprinkles and those glittery sugar balls on top! So say you have to go to a job you don’t love. Take the time to create a little baggie with your favourite crystals, carry them around and feel into their high vibes! If you talk to people on the phone, try to see your job as spreading light into people’s lives by answering on the other end - even if you’re receptionist you can literally brighten up someone’s day and that is super rewarding!

For me, I love wearing my Chanel bag even if I just go to the post office or for a coconut milk run. I’ll listen to high vibe audio on the way and count the things I’m grateful for. Get creative, if you have lectures you don’t really need to listen to at uni, multitask and write a blog post during that time (I’ve done this multiple times). Be smart about it and get into alignment before doing anything! 

As I finish this post up, the clock is showing 11:11! I love that angels are always guiding us. Anyway, I’m off to meet one of my girlfriends in our local crystal shop and have coffee! Remember, life is too short for you not to have fun even when you’re doing everyday mundane tasks! Get into high vibe alignment.

Get excited because I have some exciting things coming to KW soon! Esp for all you boss babes out there!

Big love,

Kimberley x

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