How I Manifested Becoming a Speaker - Gabby Bernstein Loved My Talk!

Hi girls! I’ve been super quiet this weekend as I’ve taken time to rest and recharge! (Currently sitting in my uggs, listening to this beautiful chill song by Lianne La Havas!) Something that I’m learning (a little piece of gold to keep in mind) is that even when you’re resting, you are still manifesting your dreams, goals and desires. This comes with some conditions of course! Like, if you’re not doing any action AT ALL, then I’m sorry but you’re going "The Secret-esque" with your manifestations (if you haven’t watched The Secret on Netflix, it lacks telling people about the action component of manifestation!)

Anyhow! This blog post is so close to my heart because it’s a milestone that I’ve manifested in my entrepreneurial journey, one that happened much faster than I expected! So what’s the story, and how can you also manifest becoming a speaker (if that’s what you desire!) - or maybe you’re reading this blog post just to keep up to date! PS I was so excited to share these photos with you babes!



A few months ago, I wrote in my journal that I wanted to become a speaker. I had decided that it was something I wanted to experience in my life, so I got specific and intentional and wrote it down in my journal. The thing was, that when I wrote it, I didn’t want it super badly! I was really relaxed about it and had no expectations whatsoever. Looking back, I really think that that was why this all manifested so quickly. I also didn’t write a date that I wanted to have a speaking date by. And because of that, it happened sooner than ever - faster than I would have expected!



I released how this would all come about. I had no idea whether I was going to pitch myself to anyone, or put up a web page on my website about hiring myself as a speaker (which I have yet to do!). All I remember was mentioning it once on my podcast and thinking about how cool it would be to be a speaker! If I really think about it, sometimes, I’d daydream about speaking to an audience of people and how amazing it would feel to be able to impact people’s lives and help them stop living life at default. 

By releasing the how, that’s how I got a message from Katie (now one of my dear best girlfriends). Katie had sent me a DM on instagram asking if I’d speak at an event (Soulful Brunching) in Albury about 3 hours away from where I live. She mentioned that she wasn’t even going to ask because I lived so far! Well this is the magical part - what Katie didn’t know was that I’d been travelling to Albury periodically with Byam to visit family every now and then - and it’s literally the only place in Australia I go to often! This is NO coincidence, and definitely thanks to the universe! 



I then practised in my room to an imaginary audience who I saw. It was just me, in my bedroom, my stack of self help books and crystals. I held a spray bottle of energy clearing mist from Scented Naturally as my mic, and ran through my 60 min talk like I was speaking to 120 women. I recorded myself to hear how I sounded. I stepped into the version of me who already was on stage! Now people could hear this and think “that sounds so lame, why would you do that?” Or you could think “man that’s smart” - because I can tell you girls that as soon as I stepped onto the stage to speak, I felt exactly like how I did standing in my room practising. I felt at home on that stage, because I had been in this situation in my mind already. It played out exactly how I thought it would (your thoughts create your reality!) 

And girls, the payoff was HUGE. I posted this 2 min snippet of my talk (watch it below!) in a FB group, and Gabby Bernstein HERSELF commented on it!!! THE GABBY B! She commented not once, but TWICE about my talk - which was INCREDIBLE. I lost my sh*t. Check out the screenshots below!


When Gabby Bernstein comments on your video!

It feels so exciting to be recognised by such an amazing spiritual leader, and I wanted to document this in my journey on my blog especially! I just know that this is the beginning of something really amazing that has barely begun. So girls, watch this space for freaking amazing things.

So how did I manifest being recognised by Gabby? How did I manifest becoming a speaker - like the secret recipe that can be applied to ANYTHING that you want to manifest? I spill ALL my secrets in my signature group coaching program, The Manifestation Collective! Enrolment closes in 6 DAYS! (We start Sep 8th!)

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At last, a wonky photo for the end to say a big thank you Byam and Matt for being Team KW for the day for  Soulful Brunching ! (Matt took all the photos in this blog for me!) My heart is so full and I am so grateful!!

At last, a wonky photo for the end to say a big thank you Byam and Matt for being Team KW for the day for Soulful Brunching! (Matt took all the photos in this blog for me!) My heart is so full and I am so grateful!!

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