3 Boss Babe Tips For Manifesting Clients

manifesting clients 3 tips

Hi girls! I’ve been relatively quiet on my social media and blog lately because of being in a transitional shift! I can feel that there’s a big shift coming for KW (and everyone I’m sure!) and it’s all exciting and nerve wracking at the same time! I’m writing this blog post from my parent’s place as I’ve spent the weekend with them. It’s been so nice to come and see them again and have dinner with them. After I post this blog post I’ll be going for a drive with my dad to the countryside area of Melbourne before going for a climb! I think it’s so important to spend time with family and take a break from work! 

Anyway! Into today’s blog post - we’re talking all 3 tips for manifesting clients. 


Are you thirsty? No really, like as you’re reading this are you thirsty for a beverage? Because if that’s the case - what’s that mean? It means that you don’t have a beverage. So that sends out to the universe that you don’t have a drink! If we take this analogy and plop it into a case with clients, if you’re so stressed out that you don’t have clients, you’re simply yelling out to the universe “I DON’T HAVE CLIENTS!!” That means that you’ll attract… not having clients. So you want to get into a state of feeling that you DO have clients, and that you feel comfortable. That’s when you attract them! 


Whenever I’m sending out an email, or publishing a blog post or posting a story - I check that I’m doing it with love. Because whoever is at the other end will sense that! We’ve all come across those accounts where the person comes across as needy and a vibe that no-one is working with them. It’s because they’re posting things from a place of lack or fear. So make sure that whenever you’re posting something, set the intention that it’s coming from love. Try this with IG posts and see your engagement rise!


Often, it takes a leap first before seeing clients come in. If you’re struggling, GET HELP! I had a lovely girl ask if I have scholarships for my programs because she’s would like to join my upcoming course, Aligned Client Attractor, dedicated to sharing my secrets with you girls for manifesting clients! The reason why she had asked is because she said that the money comes from the clients and she didn’t have the money to invest in the course. But this is the same conundrum as when you’re deciding to go to the gym! Waiting to have money for a course is like waiting to be fit before going to the gym. Counterintuitive right? One of my girlfriends Natasha from GirlCEO, said on episode 53 on the podcast (which is an awesome listen for this!) that it’s like someone has found the cure to a disease that you have - and if we got dramatic here - if that cure was going to save your life - you’d make it work! You’d find the money. The same thing, if your rent was raised, you wouldn’t let yourself go homeless, you would find a way to make it work! Natasha literally SOLD HER HOUSE to hire a coach - now that’s perspective for us!

Now I have a no scholarship policy because I know that it’s taking away the value if there is no energetic exchange. Plus, I’m taking away the most powerful part of investing in a course - which is the INVESTING part! The universe sees your investments and the energy that you’re exchanging for those clients-to-be. Without the investment, we take away about 50% of the "manifestation power”. 

So like I said girls, my upcoming course Aligned Client Attractor is officially open for enrolment!! Spots are already filling and they’re limited so get in before they are all na-da. We start in 6 days!! In 6 days, you could literally be seeing your client list expand. 

See you there girls! 

Big love,

Kimberley x

Kimberley Loo