How To Feel Good Whilst Waiting For Your Manifestation


Hi girls! Things at KW are currently heating up which is good - and also a prime time for shit to hit the fan! 🙂 So what better than to make sure that I’m keeping up to date with my self care time and getting into alignment?

But seriously! I’m so excited as so much is happening in the next few weeks! 1. I’ll be travelling to NYC mid October to train with Gabby Bernstein (EE so excited to up level both myself and my coaching!) 2. I’ve got the last of my university exams to finish before I’ll be free as a bird! 3. I’m meeting up with a self publishing company to solidify KW’s very first book! (And you can bet ya, it’ll be a combo of manifestation, woo and modern girl aesthetics!) All in the span of one month! And yes, I’m flying to New York and coming back 2 days before my exams begin because what’s life without a little bit of spice?

Anyway, today’s episode is all about how to feel good whilst waiting for your manifestation! I’ve gotta say, one of the most common things I hear being difficult (and ofc I experience this myself) is staying patient twiddling your thumbs whilst waiting for you manifestation to appear. It’s even more so a thing because our gen is so used to immediate gratitification! Nowadays we just have to google a question and you can literally find an answer. Think back our parents when they had to go to libraries and borrow books to find out! So, let’s be real our generation is a little bit more impay-pay. (Impatient). - Am I the only one laughing at this shortened word?

So I like you have massive dreams and manifestations that I’m bubbling on and it means that I also have to find ways to feel good whilst it hasn’t physically appeared! Here are some ways I do this:


Part of having to wait also gives you the time to get so excited for how the universe is actually going to make it come true. Because if by law, you’ve sent out your cosmic order to the universe and you’re just waiting for it to now show up, it means that there are so many ways it can come (and the best part is knowing that it could come quicker than you expect!) I just like to see the glass half full and be like “omg like it could literally happen TOMORROW. Or next week, or in the next month - freaking anything is possible!”

Because the truth is that you have the choice to see your manifestation-in-waiting in two ways. The low vibe version where you’re like “ugh, where is it - I HATE WAITING, I don’t like surprises - blah blah blah.” But girls, this takes ENERGY.

You could use this energy but instead decide to just be excited for what is going to happen (and is happening). The high vibe version is to think “I love that the universe is literally aligning everything for me to make this happen. I feel so supported and I love that the universe is doing the hardest part!! All I have to do is wait.”


If you’re feeling like there is a suckiness whilst living in the time that you DON’T have your manifestation, then why not already feel like you have it? Because by law, you will attract what you feel. So already GET yourself there. If you’re in a job you despise and want to get out of it, you can still work that job and feel like you have your dream job. If you’re in uni and you can’t wait to finish, you can still feel into the feeling of being finished! The key to manifestation is feeling things even when your reality doesn’t support the feeling. *BOOM*! Listening to good music to help you get there is golden also!

Sit at your desk and imagine you’re at your dream job. Go to uni? Then shift your mindset to you are a kickass boss babe who studies on the side rather than tell yourself you’re a student with a side biz (this is helping me a lot with getting through this last few months of study!)

By the way as I’m writing this blog post, I just checked the time and it’s 1:11! (Love these signs from the universe).


Sometimes it honestly helps to submerge yourself into learning about how this all works and how you can better yourself in the mean time, just in time for your manifestation! When you dive into personal development and you surround yourself with a high vibe tribe, waiting for your manifestation isn’t even on your mind because you’re focussing on bettering yourself! You know that the more knowledge you have the easier it will come to you. And it’s when you actually forget about things that it MANIFESTS! 

Manifestation Monthly is the ultimate gorgeous high vibe membership site I’ve created to help you girls do exactly this! It’s to help you keep on track whilst waiting for your manifestations, to empower you with the tools and the know-how for your manifestations! Girls have manifested soul mates, winning competitions, clients, money - all from equipping themselves with the secrets and tools in Manifestation Monthly.

Here are some thoughts from MM babe, Jordy!

IMG_2037 - Jorden Sydney.jpg

Thoughts from Jordy

Q: What have you loved about Manifestation Monthly?

Can i say everything?! Not only are the masterclasses incredible, but i absolutely love the fact that there's a daily meditation that is all about enhancing what we are doing for that month! Kimberley has changed my life in sooo many ways and i'm so thankful i get to continue to work with her and like minded babes!

Kimberley has changed my entire life in so many ways! I've fallen in love with her practices and every time i hear her high vibe voice i can't help but feel they same! After i do my daily practice i feel like anything is possible! I've manifested new friends, a healthier relationship with my partner and my online business is booming!


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October’s topic is all about Money Manifestation 101! So excited to see you girls in there!

Big love,

Kimberley x

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