How To Manifest Your Best Year Yet - EXPANSION + ENERGY TALK

Hi babes! This is officially the first blog post of the year! I took a break for a few weeks to bring in the new year with some extra space between work and play. If you’re reading this on Sunday, I’ll currently be at a French Festival Day in Melbourne! I’ll be posting all about it on my IG story @kimberleywenya!

To set the scene, it is WARM today in Melbourne, so much so that even whilst I’m writing this at 11.38pm I have the fan on and the window open to get the breeze flowing in. I’m just seeing this as lovely balmy nights in Europe - which will be my reality in a few months of so! (Super excited - and will defs keep you girls up to date here and on the podcast!)

I want to start off this blog post with a few notes: 

Yes, we are 13 days into January, but it’s never too late to start thinking about what you want to create this year. In fact, I haven’t even really got thinking until a few days ago! My tips today are to help you manifest your best year yet - with energetics and with mindset shifts.


So I might be a little different to others, but instead of having goals like “do X by 2019” or whatever, I actually like to feel my way into things as I go. This way, I don’t put a limit on what I’m creating - and I may actually manifest it faster than if I put a date on it! I did this when I had the goal of $50k last year and in turn I tripled my goal! 

So what I do is: I put my energy in a state where it’s forever expanding and elevating. I do this by choice. If you want to learn more, the January 2019 masterclass in Manifestation Monthly is all about Abundant Expansion! 

I basically say that even when I am resting, even when I’m unsure where I am going, I am in a state of expansion and growth. 


I have NO idea why I have to use the word “wield” here because it’s such an ancient word, BUT it makes sense! Wield your energy properly means hold your energy right - allow it to be a match for your desires. 

In my masterclass, Desire Match, I go into great depth and specific examples of how to be on the energetic level where you are a match to receive your desires.

In order to receive the money, that soul mate, a hot body etc - you need to become an energetic match for them all! 

A few sub tips in here would be:

  • What would it feel like to have what you desire already?

  • Feel those feelings in your mind and body now ->> This will allow your energy and vibration to elevate to that state where you are ALLOWING your manifestation into your reality! 

My fav part about Desire Match though is that fact that I can actually listen to it myself and go back to download the energy from watching the video and GET into a state where I’m an energetic match in the moment! So many babes have loved this masterclass for that reason too! You can start watching it right away here.

Anyway babes. Those are my two hot tips for manifesting your best year yet! Simple, short and sweet. Get into a state of growth so that you’re not limiting how far you can go, and then become an energetic match for your desires! 

Big love,

Kimberley x

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