3 Energetic Secrets Of Manifesting Clients


Hi girls! So it’s Sunday morning, time to write another blog - and today I felt called to write about the energetics of manifesting clients.

But before we start, I had a major realisation about how I’ve been showing up in the business and what I’m capable of - and I just wanted to share with you girls that if you ever feel like you’re hitting an upper limit, remember to work on why you feel like you should hide or why you feel like you can’t move to the next level. I did this and realised that I’ve only been working on 1% of what I’m truly capable of - which totally excites me because I know that there’s big magic that’s about to happen now and this year! Anyway - just a little update on where I’m energetically at! Now to the tips!

There’s one thing I know for sure and it’s that if you have a business, you desire to manifest clients! 


The number one thing that is SUPER important is to BE EXCITED about your stuff.

I have launched things where I wasn’t super excited about them, and so when I talked about them I was semi bored and of course, my audience didn’t get hyped up!

KEY point: you are responsible for getting your audience excited about something. If you aren’t excited, they’re not going to feel the high vibes from your offer - and by default, people are attracted to things of a higher vibration than themselves! 

So how can you get excited about your products or programs? Start to think in this way. I’ll be sharing my exact tips on what I do to get excited about something in module 3 of Aligned Client Attractor this week!


When I have created offers, if I felt like a bunch of people signed up, if it was quickly, sometimes I feel like I energetically have no more room for more people! So the key here is to make space for more people to come in. Some of this is working on limiting beliefs of why I can’t “accept” more people into the offer mentally. And some of this is literally me creating space in my energetic bubble to hold to space for more clients! You can do this by literally feeling into making more room for people to come into the offer in (in your mind’s eye). Like I said before, I’ll be talking a lot more on this in module 3 of Aligned Client Attractor which is only a few days away! You can save $111 for a limited time only, to get both module 1 and 2 now! (You will get module 3 for free!)


Remember that when it comes to manifestation and the law of attraction, it’s always about RECEIVING and not finding. When we think of things, they manifest instantaneously, just on a spiritual plane rather than the physical plane. My point? Is that if this is the case, then we want to receive the clients we’ve already conjured up on a spiritual plane! They already exist somewhere out there, it’s all about attracting! So energetically - stop feeling like you have to chase them. It’s about sitting where you are and consciously making the decision that you’re attracting them! 

So girls - these are 3 major tips on manifesting clients! You can read 3 more tips HERE on an older blog post! 

I’m seriously so excited because I’ll be creating module 3 of Aligned Client Attractor this week. If you join now, you’ll save $111 and have immediate access to module 1 and 2! Girls have had incredible results from applying what’s in the first two modules - like doubling and tripling their results! 

Anyway, hope you’re having an amazing day! I’m spending today writing my book and getting into alignment for me boss babe mentorship which starts tomorrow!! If you’re feeling called to have am mentor to support you starting your business or getting to 5 figure months, this is an amazing 3 month mentorship just for that. Check it out here, we literally only have one more spot left!

Big love

Kimberley x

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