How To Manage Your Money When You Desire To Get Abundant

managing your money when you desire to get abundant - kimberley wenya

Hi girls! Today’s blog - I’m super excited for! It’s something that not many people talk about - which is how to manage your money when you desire to get abundant.

I’m talking about what I personally do in my current time with bringing in a 6 figure business last year and wanting to have savings in the bank account!

To be honest, I have a goal of hitting 7 figures (not only in the business in a year) but also SAVED in the bank.

Like 7 figures when I look at my bank account - doesn’t that feel exciting?!

Anyway! Apply what is applicable to you, and if something doesn’t align with you never mind!


Number one rule I do is only spend on things that align with me. That goes from the detergent I buy, up all the way to the Chanel bag that I buy. Everything I buy, I truly desire to have. I buy things consciously. I buy things with all the desire to have them.

> When you do this, you feel super grateful for all the things you bought and you truly feel like. You’ve had a valuable money exchange for each of the items.
I used to buy things I didn’t really enjoy or truly like - just because they were on sale or “it was good enough” but that in itself started to devalue the money that I have because I was exchanging it for things I didn’t really care for. *mindblown right*?


I make a conscious decision each week and month or when a large chunk of money hits my bank to do/buy/invest in something that makes me feel abundant.

That might be a $700 day at the day spa filled with a rose bath, massage, facial, body wrap etc. which I energetically called into my life - using the techniques I teach in Desire Match!

ORR it might be, buying chai when I can make it at home - because I’m paying for the service of it being made!

It might even be buying my dream cashmere sweater (and maybe I caught it on sale too!)

I make do this so I can stabilise the abundance and so I up level with it. If I just saved everything, I might end up not being able to deal with the abundance and just blowing it all at one go one crazy day!


Similarly to splurging on days out to feel abundant (like going to a hotel when it’s 40 degrees) there are also times that it is 40 degrees but I still stay home - maybe because there’s a cool change coming.

But I will save the money I desire to save because it feels good. That’s all! It makes me happy and that’s enough of a reason.

I have found that combining these 3 tips has helped me grow a nice juicy savings account, whilst also being able to enjoy my money!

Hope you enjoyed these! I will be back with wifi and phone data tomorrow (super excited to have internet again!)

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Big love,

Kimberley x

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