Release The Top 3 Fears Around Manifesting Money

top 3 fears around manifesting money - kimberley wenya

Hi girls! So I am currently writing this blog post in 43 degree heat in Melbourne - which is INSANE! Right now, as you’re reading this blog post I’ll be in New Zealand in a dead wifi zone (yes a dead wifi zone - meaning no internet or phone service anywhere)! So! KW lately made its first hire and my beautiful gorgeous VA Lily, who is probably also reading this blog post is scheduling all the things for me!

Don’t worry, my Daily Manifestation Tips are still going out on my Instagram story @kimberleywenya. And let me tell you there are some real good ones around money coming for you!

In the mean time, this week I felt called to write about money and fear. There are so many reasons that I used to fear manifesting money - and many of them were silly (at least, I’m about to show you why they are)


Like how will you work out all the taxes and the stuff about GST? And what if I do something illegal or I earn so much money that I just don’t deal with it well with the banks? What if I should be investing it and I know nothing about investing??

Trust me - I’ve been through all of these thoughts. But I learned to release them! Because: you can HIRE someone to do all of this for you. Once I hired an accountant who dealt with all of these issues for me, I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders!

Affirmation >> I am deeply supported by a team around you. I can hired out the things I don’t know about. The universe brings me the ideal people to help me.


I hear you loud and clear girl! I used to think the same thing - because of what I heard from people around me. I used to hear “the government takes all your money!” Or “you’ll be paying tax through the nose if you’re a millionaire!”

— Well heck! I will celebrate the day that I pay tax for being a millionaire because …. I am a millionaire!! And if you’re a millionaire, you have such abundance that if you have to pay tax, you can just make more money. See it as you’re paying for roads, for traffic lights, for the social system to work.. etc…

See it as a benchmark of your success, not a “oh no they are after me.” Listen to episode 105 on the podcast where I talk in depth all about this!


I always tell my clients to release the how of how something is going to manifest. You will never be able to put your finger on how you can manifest $100 today - there are just too many ways! It could be through someone paying you, or finding it on the floor! Or a refund! Or a client hiring you. There are too many ways - just release it altogether and let the universe do its work.

All you need to do is set the intention that you desire to manifest X amount of dollars. And let the magic happen…

You absolutely can shift your reality with your money mindset babes! In fact, all that is required is a mindset shift and you can start seeing money flow through with ease. In my training, Shift Your Reality - you can get yourself high vibe quickly and in a state of receiving money!! It’s a super affordable KW masterclass that’s currently 60% OFF! For a limited time only, enrol in it here!

Do you have any more tips on money manifestation? Comment below!

Anyway! That’s all from me today, I hope you loved this! I’m going to wait for the cool change to come today and then make some pizza!!

Big love,

Kimberley x

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