5 Tips To Manifest Money Fast

5 Tips To Manifest Money Fast - Kimberley Wenya

Hi girls! It’s only just over a month until I head over to Europe for the rest of the year, and let’s just say it feels surreal! It feels like there are things to arrange, things to sell and get rid of - it’s a real project! In the mean time, I’m running the business + creating many new and exciting things! For the girls who are curious, the two major exciting things going on are:

The Manifestation Group Mentorship: for girls who desire to manifest MORE money, abundance, better relationships, their soul mate - your dream life. I’m calling it the goldilocks mentorship - it’s short term, not too long, not too $$ that it’ll break the bank, You may be a boss babe, or you may just be a personal development lover! You can learn more about it here.

FREE MONEY MANIFESTATION TRAININGS! I’m doing a whole series of money trainings in the next few weeks in my FB group, The Daily Manifestation! Once they’re recorded they will come down to be sold in shop KW! To watch them free with me live, join my email list here to get the schedule!

Okay! Now that we’ve got that out the way, let’s get into the goodness!

5 Secrets About Manifesting Money Fast!


Everything in this universe has a vibration. You have a vibration, your phone has a vibe, there are even high vibe and low vibe foods! Each object is a different object because they have different frequencies. So basically, money has its own frequency too! The law of attraction states the LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE meaning that if you desire to ATTRACT money, the key is to be on the same VIBE as money so you attract it!

Think: what does money feel like to you?

Your job is to: feel this emotion more, throughout the day!


Remember that how you manifest money is not your job to worry about! When we harness the power of the universe to accomplish our goals and dreams, our only job is to decide what we want. After that, the universe will align the right events, people and things for you to manifest your goals.


One of the first things I realised about manifesting money was that I felt like I was lying to myself that I was bringing money in.

I had thoughts like: “what the heck am I even doing?! I feel so stupid because I’m faking feeling abundant - is this even going to work?”

Well here’s the thing, girl. We have all felt like this - here’s what I tell myself (let me be totally honest, sometimes I still feel this way!)

>> Remember that the law is the law. Emotions and feelings are key to bringing about the money you want. Once we acknowledge that this is the law, it’s like acknowledging that gravity exists! You don’t question it and you firmly believe that it’s going to cause things to fall to the ground. So you would never say, “I feel silly in believing in gravity.” - because you’ve seen gravity’s effect before your eyes.

>> So maybe you haven’t seen the results of believing and feeling abundant just yet - but let me tell you that once you actually see the results of it happen, you realise that the law is the law and there is no reason to feel silly at all.


So don’t judge yourself if you set the goal of $10k last month and you only hit $5k. This will only create resistance against you heading towards future goals. The key is to realise that any progress is progress. Things aren’t always clean cut in this reality.

>> Acknowledge the progress you make, and be grateful for it. Know that the progress you’ve made IS enough. You’re exactly where you should be, and you such INCREDIBLE potential for more.


I used to think “ugh I failed” - when there really is no such thing as failure. Like in the previous secret, any progress is progress. The key is to not overthink what it meant if you didn’t reach your goal and to just remember that you were simply just an energetic match for what you DID manifest! Your only job in this case would be to just keep feeling into your money goal that feels right for you and know that in doing so, you’re doing the work.

Okay girls! So there are 5 secrets I wish I knew about when I first started manifesting money with intention! Like I said, I’m doing a whole live training series on Money Manifestation in my Facebook Group, The Daily Manifestation! Join the group here. And be sure to subscribe to get the live schedule!

Big love,

Kimberley x

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