How to Stop Self Sabotaging Your Money Goals

How to Stop Self Sabotaging Your Money Goals // Kimberley Wenya

Hi loves! So today I’m writing this blog post and I’m IN THE ZONE. I’m in the zone to download. I feel like I’m at this next level this week (I’m constantly going for what I can uplevel next to) - and it’s almost like I’m seeing things with a brand new lens!

OKAY so let’s talk - how to stop self sabotaging your money goals.

How do you know when this could be a thing? Well it could be if you’re setting goals and you’re never reaching them, or you hit just SHY of them! Regardless, everything goes through this - it’s V V normal.

Personally, I’ve told myself that I’m no longer going to hide, I’m no longer going to stay playing small. Because the truth is, that I’ve been running at not even 10% of what I know I’m capable of (not even close girl!) - and this is the case for MANY other girls who I know are reading this! SO I’ve there are mindset shifts we can make to release the need to hold back.

There are shifts we can do, NOW, to move forward now and and now and now. So let’s get started!


Is there a person in your life you look up to who earns a certain amount? What would it mean to you to overtake them in money? Have a look at this area - literally journal on this! It’ll help you realise that you’re simply hiding below someone’s income so you “won’t embarrass them” or “put them to shame”. Know that this is not the case at all. Whenever this has occurred in my life and I surpassed someone, they’ve only been happy for me - ecstatic even! (Part of the reason being that I know I’m only available for interacting with people who are happy for me). But know also - that when you increase your abundance and your income, you help others too with your VIBE! YES! Your vibe influences them too just by being in your life - and they will elevate too. SO there’s no reason to feel bad at all! Go big, girl.


We all filter ourselves to some degree - maybe it’s that you filter how you talk, the way you walk, the way you hold your posture. Everything says something about you - and influences your VIBE and energy too! So ask yourself this Q: why are you filtering yourself?

Often, people do because they’re afraid to outshine others for fear of making them feel bad. I used to be a people pleaser - and still often slip into it without realising (it’s something I’m no longer available for!). Because realise this - it is SO ridiculous to hide and play small just so you can make others feel better about themselves. Number 1, if they’re feeling that your success means their failure, then they have their own issues they need to work on.

BE the best version of you, the YOU-est version of you and know that in that energy you can’t help but hit your money goals, one after the other into the 7 figures (at least, that’s where I’m heading!)


We stress about the people we love. We want them to be looked after too, and have enough too. Know that the best thing you can literally do is become ABUNDANT af. In that state, you are then able to help them! But in the meantime, know that the worry and the stress for others is NOT going to help you on your way to success. So. Know that everyone else is also taken care of. They are also supported by the universe. The universe is just as much on their side as it is on your side - you job is to focus on how you can let the universe work for you as much as you allow.

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Big love,

Kimberley x

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