How To Become An Energetic Match for Money Without Spending Money

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Hi girls! I’m writing this blog post from a beach cafe with the beach literally just metres away from me! I’m excited because I truly believe that I’ve shifted my money reality (let’s just say the proof is in the pudding, and it would not be POSSIBLE due to universal law for me to HAVE money and ATTRACT money if this were not the case).

So with my sparkling water beside me, my leather KW notebook on my right and ears plugged in to some high vibe music (by RUFUS, an Aussie band!) I’m going to get straight into energy shifting tips to become an energetic match for money now!


We forget so often that feelings are a choice, and that we have the ability to shift on our own accord! How many times have you woken up and felt out of wack and just gotten out of bed to make a tea and realised you’re SO. GRUMPY! Happiness is a choice, and likewise, feeling abundant now is a choice also - even if your physical reality does not look like that right now.

Manifestation work by FEELINGS following through with your desire coming through. You have to believe it before you see it! (Contrary to the saying, I’ll believe it when I see it!)

Honestly - just try it! You might feel stupid at the start and like you’re kidding yourself - but just test the waters. In my own experience, as soon as I’ve shifted into feeling abundant, I’ve manifested free things at restaurants, or money into my bank account! The best part is, this shift is a FREE thing. It’s something you can do whenever you want, wherever you want! And it will create results, the more you’re able to unapologetically feel abundant. Relax, you’re fine, things are going fine. It’s safe to feel abundant now. <3


What are you things you wish to do that you aren’t doing right now? I realised this past week that I have all these visions of the life I want to live but I’ve been keeping them for “in the future” or “when I go to Europe”. The thing is, LIFE IS LIVING NOW! We literally are living our lives now so why wait to live your dream life? You can live your dream life now and start moving closer and closer to your Pinterest dream board and your tumblr feed. I know it’s hard when you look around and you think “this is not the apartment I want to be in” or “I’m just faking this I really feel lack and like I don’t have enough!” but the thing is, when you’re PRESENT. When you’re in the moment and living life, you put a stop to these thoughts - and you have fun, you enjoy living! So ask yourself: what are the things you aren’t doing right now that you “someday” wish to do?

I’ll tell you a quick example! Today, I literally had thoughts of “I wish I was going to the beach” and “I just want to chill and work by the beach on my own and relax”. I was sitting in my bed when I had these thoughts and then I mind-slapped myself for a second and was like - um, Kimberley - why AREN’T you doing this?!

This is my getting vulnerable but even I, myself as a 6 figure business owner have weird odd beliefs that are deep rooted from beliefs I carried in the past. I had thoughts of “it’s a waste of time” or “it’s a waste to get an uber to the beach just for a few hours” - lies lies lies. The thing is that, being at the beach now is going to elevate my mood SO much (it already has) and that is helping me be an energetic match for money now! Stop resisting your desires - follow them and trust them!


The more that you program your mind to receive money, the easier it is to align with the WAYS the universe is creating for your to receive it! I always say to release the how, this still stands true here! I’m simply saying that when you program your mind, those how’s that show up from the universe become a lot more apparent! So I like to program my mind and rewire it with abundant beliefs. So much so, that eventually our minds cannot tell the difference between what we make up in our minds and what is true! (it sounds so weird, but it honestly works).

Use affirmations on the daily - let them be your mantras for the day. Let them inspire how you do your work and how you function.

>> I am a true match for money.

>> Money loves me and I love money.

>> Money can’t help but be attracted to me.

>> It’s my birthright to receive money with such ease and flow.

>> Money money money money - I love to say the word because it elevates me into abundance.

NOW! For the girls who really are ready to elevate to the next level of abundance and money - I invite you to my course, Abundant Money Attraction.

The fact is, that yes- this blog post was about how to manifest money without spending money - but there is also a faster way. There’s a way where you are in the energetic space of someone else who has done this all before.

I’ve been in the space where I worked $10/hour at the restaurant I worked at. I worked SO hard for money, but now money finds its own way to me through ways I can’t even imagine - and not just through the business.

If you’re serious about this money thing, I invite you to come join me in Abundant Money Attraction! We START March 8th! And as soon as you join, you have immediate access to 33 Money Journaling Prompts to get started on!

Abundant Money Attraction - Kimberley Wenya

Okay girls, that is all from me right now! I’m about to write a few more emails and then I’m going to lay down on the beach, maybe work on my tan and wade in the gorgeous water!

Big love,

Kimberley x

how to become an energetic match for money without spending

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