How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome


Hi babes! I’m super excited to talk about this topic. It’s a topic everyone faces whether they know it or not. At times, it’s insidious and it creeps up on you and you may not even notice but in order to stop feeling like you’re an imposter or a fake - you talk about things that aren’t truly your SOUL message. OR!! You have the imposter syndrome from a typical perspective where you just feel like you can’t rise up because “who are you to tell people what to think or how to do that?” Or maybe you feel it because you feel like your whole business is a sham - or like you’re going to get found out that you’ve been lying this whole time or faking this whole time.

If you’ve experienced any of the above thoughts or feelings - you’re in the right place.

SO! Let’s do the work to overcome this beast. (it’s a beast in my head hahaha)


Now the KEY, number one thing that will shift this complex ENTIRELY is first of all, FREAKING OWNING YOUR ENERGY! You’re hiding. You know that you’ve got so much to give. You’ve been editing yourself, changing yourself and filtering the true you - and for that reason - as long as that is happening, it’s VERY easy to feel like a phony. The sooner and the quicker you become the truest version of you where you’re speaking about things YOU have gone through (and overcome with a solution), the firmer the belief you will have in yourself because as you tell the story of how you overcame that thing… you’re reminding yourself of the obstacle you jumped over successfully. You’re reminding yourself of how freaking AMAZING you are!

So what part of you is hiding? What part of you have you not shown yet? What part of you isn’t shining it’s brightest because THAT is the golden key. The truth is, you really DO know what to do. You really DO know you’re a total boss babe. But you’re holding back. STOP. HOLDING. BACK. STEP UP, RISE UP, STOP HIDING! Be in all the greatness and high vibe-ness of your own energy and freaking own it honey!

When I started to own my shit and not edit myself, I began to realise that there are deep deep messages that are meant to be revealed and shared from me. It made me realise that there is no phony here, there is nothing to question, there is only success to be received.

The more you practice, the true-er you become - the more you rise up and the more money you make too!


Another reason why people can feel this disconnect and a sense of fake-ness is when they’re talking about topics that aren’t their forte. They’re talking about things they’re not passionate about OR they are talking about things they are passionate about but have not yet seen the results of. E.g Someone talking about how to manifest money but is broke AF is probably not the person to go to (plus they would most likely feel imposter syndrome!). However! IF that person got themselves out of broke-ness AND showed the results - THEN stepped up as a money mindset thought leader - then they are in alignment with their message. They are documenting what they themselves have accomplished and it’s hard to poke holes at something that’s already been proven! SO my message is to document what you yourself have gone through. Document your solutions, your problems and how you overcame them. You will feel LESS like a fake and more like a boss babe for being able to overcome those things!

Key point: make a list of the things you’ve achieved and see how good you feel after that! SPEAK ON THOSE!


I used to think that I was only a business owner/girl boss/boss babe who knew her stuff IF she could help others solve their solutions. If I was able to help someone, I felt on top of the world, validated, and like I was bulletproof! I would walk around thinking “shit yeah I got this!” THEN. The moment I tried to help someone and they didn’t respond well or they thought my solution was crap - or they didn’t say anything at all, i would let my self esteem PLUMMET and I would think “oh man, I really don’t know anything at all, what am I doing in my business?!”

My point? Don’t seek validation from others. YOU KNOW YOUR STUFF. Don’t question it. You are in yourself worthy of being a successful boss babe. You do not need people to validate you. You are worthy because (no reason required). Once you get your head around validation only coming within you - you are unstoppable.

SO BABE! I hope you loved these three tips on how to overcome imposter syndrome. If you loved it - share it with a friend you know needs to hear this!

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Big love,

Kimberley x

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