When You Feel Like It’s Not Working

When You Feel Like It’s Not Working

Hi gorgeous! Have you ever felt FRUSTRATED? Like nothing that you want is aligning? Like nothing is happening. Maybe you've launched a course or product and you're hearing crickets! And you're wondering WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING UNIVERSE!

5 words: honey, I have been there.

It felt like the world was crashing around me or like I was ramming into a brick wall that didn't even BUDGE or move one bit.

I would look around and feel like all my actions to lead up to this moment were pointless. And of course, I would feel like no one is signing up to my stuff.

Maybe it was the first day I launched something, and I did a FB and IG live, I posted my heart out - I IG storied, yet - crickets.

I've BEEN there! But I always came back down the basics of manifesting that would help me to feel like it's all good - it's all happening.


There are SO many things happening for you behind the cosmic curtain. Behind this cosmic curtain are shifts, people seeing your stuff, listening to your podcast, reading your blog, really reassuring your emails and reading every word. YET, all you see is your phone screen that has zero notifications - because you wouldn't be receiving notifications every time someone ENGAGES with your content! You would be going crazy. What you don't see is that girl reading your email, and saving it for later. What you don't see is that person listening to your podcast and sharing it with her best friend. What you don't see is that girl calculating how much money she is the bank to see if she can pay for your course.

All these things are happening whilst you're thinking "ugh it's not working." Now imagine if you really began to think "holy shit it's working! it's working!" You would attract EVEN MORE scenarios that would be evidence of it all working.


So a key remains being, seeing beyond what you truly see. I like to use the example of when you wake up super early - like say 5AM. And maybe no one else was awake in your house at the time and you would feel like a QUEEN - super successful on top of your stuff. It was dark outside and you felt like you were the only one awake in the WORLD! You felt like everyone else was asleep whilst you were getting up early prepping for the day.

Meanwhile, there's the rubbish team driving past your apartment waiting to empty the rubbish bins. They're working away and have been since 3AM! And you thought you were the only one awake because everything in your surroundings and existence only told you that you were the only one awake! This is the case for things happening for your manifestations.

Everything in your world and surroundings could be telling you that it's not progressing, it's not happening YET what you can't see is that IT REALLY IS. You can't see your boss' mind ticking that you're about to get the promotion. You can't see the person waiting on your sales page about to click BUY.

See beyond what your surroundings tell you and KNOW from your deepest knowing it really is working.


Sometimes when you feel like it's not working, it's because deep down you feel like there is no way for that thing to come through and manifest. If you've done NO work to make yourself visible and let your new offer be seen, you're going to feel SO MUCH resistance - because you'll be thinking "no one knows about this no one has seen this who the heck is going to buy this?!" and you feel like it's impossible for it to manifest having 30 girls in your course or your $70k month.

SO! The cure? DO THE ALIGNED ACTION. Do the action to make yourself feel like you've done enough work to let it come to fruition. Now I'm not saying the work is proportional to how to manifest, I'm saying do enough that you feel you can BELIEVE it's going to happen. That's the magic answer.

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Big love,

Kimberley x

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