The Reason Why KW Has Been So Successful


At 3000 followers, I had built a 6 figure business. In under 6 months, doing the work I love, I hit 5 figure months. These stats and the results are not that or the norm (whatever that is). The truth is, that these results are ABOVE AVERAGE - some would say, a miracle.

And so I'm here to tell you the secrets to why KW has been so successful.

1) I speak from my soul. I used to think that if I spoke on certain topics that I would offend. There were certain things where if I spoke on that, there was the potential for someone to take it in the wrong way. What I've come to know is that when you create content from a space where you are literally sharing from your soul and it's FOR YOU and not to intentionally hurt or point out anyone, that it's got a different wavelength behind it. Your message carries beyond how anything else would carry. I speak only on things I want to talk about - including these blog posts! Now the first masterclass where I realised this was REALLY hammered in was in Desire Match - it's so worth watching just to see the shift in how I deliver alone AND also learn how to become a desire match.

2) I don't market research... I don't create things out of what others what to hear. I know that if there is something on my heart that I need to share that it's MEANT to be shared and people will resonate with it regardless. The other day, I had a client tell me that she was waiting to get testimonials from beta testers on her course before launching. I said WHAT ARE YOU DOING GIRL! Stop! The stuff you share, the courses you create work because it's worked for you. If you are genuinely documenting what has worked for you in the past, then it will definitely help someone in some way shape or form. I don't WAIT for anything before I launch, I launch because I'm so excited to! I launch because it's a solution I have to a problem I once had. If you're creating based on the lessons you've learned, there is no requirement for you to market research because I can bet your bottom dollar that someone else has been having the same problem as you. It's just like in school when the teacher said to ask your question because most likely someone else would have the same question!

3) My vibe rings true. I have come across several businesses where the owners seemed super fake, or inauthentic or they've copied content from someone else. It feels ICKY to even tap into the energy they're coming from! So the reason why KW as been so successful is because I've always just followed my heart. I've always let my vibe ring true, genuine and authentically. What does this practically mean? Well, every time I show up live, it's ME. RAW ME. Every time I record the podcast, it's ME! The um's, the long pauses - it's all me. Nothing goes through a filter. When I show up on stories, I tell the truth. I tell the message that needs tot be heard. All this adds up to my vibe ringing loud and clear and attracting the attention of those who also resonate with my message.

These are my major tips on how I've created success this far, and I encourage you to do the same for you and your business!

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Big love,

Kimberley x