Why You're Hesitant In the UpLevel

I thought for a while that uplevelling was simply and easy -- and whilst it totally CAN be, it often isn't for a number of reasons.

First off, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. That doesn't feel like the case if you look around at the people in your life! (While some people do, others don't).

Now, in the past few months I felt like the uplevels were happening like crazy. It was level after level after level - boom boom boom. THEN came a massive challenge where things started to fall apart (or at least it felt like that). I felt like the support around me was slipping away, that there was much too much for me to do, and that I was being turned on. (I won't get into the details here, but let's just say life felt HARD).

>> The thing is, I'm not the only one who feels like this. I'm sure you've been in a space where you were uplevelling like CRAZY and then next minute you felt like you'd gone back 10 levels.

THEN the thing sets in where you then begin to be AFRAID, HESITANT, a little scared of letting the true you show, really going for it - because of the setbacks you recently went through... So here's a little guide-blog-post on how to navigate through this time.


It's SOOO natural to feel scared!! It's so natural especially if you've been punched in the gut after trying you very best to uplevel of late. You feel like "why should I even try again, last time I got burned." And it started to feel sucky. Well here's what I know about being scared and fear -- it's all from the ego. These are thoughts that are created from a part of our mind which is purely FUNCTIONED to create fear from past things that went wrong. >> SO if this is the case, we can realise that the ego is simply trying to keep us playing small.

The ego made me feel like I had to stifle my excitement about going nomad, selling all my things and travelling to Europe for an undeterminded amount of time.

The ego told me that it's not safe to be supported in case I'm let down again.

The ego told me that if I go away, I'm missing out on family memories and being with my Melbourne friends.

The ego told me this, that - everything - and what I've come to know is that THEY ARE ALL FAKE REASONS! False reasons that simply make us hide our light and power.


Now that we get that the ego is the thing that FUNCTIONS to be a fear machine, to only keep us in our comfort zone, that means that it has NO knowledge of what to expect in the unknown, meaning there actyually is nothing to fear in something we haven't yet experienced. SO we get to decide to take our power BACK! We get to decide that it's all so easy and simple - and that we just get to COMMIT that our power is ours again. BRIGHT. SHINING. UNFATHOMABLE. BEAUTIFUL - all the words you can think of.


I was afraid to talk about going nomad because I was afraid of rubbing it in other people's faces and making them feel bad. Or I was afraid of just becoming "another travelling wanderlust girl on IG." It makes me feel a little sick to think of those things, but I also know that they once again - these are thoughts of the ego. As long as I share from a place of love and to share my message - I have every right to allow my light to shine! The highlights especially! (AND SO DO YOU!!) So this is why I finally have decided why the heck was I so shy to share all this SUCCESS, my dreams coming true -- to protect people who I hypothetically thought were having certain thoughts? Ridiculous!

I choose to be unapologetic about the life I have created. I choose to let my life shine so that it inspires others to feel elevated also. NO questioning of self, NO changing how I speak, how I talk - just pure KW at the core. That is what is showing up from now on -- unafraid, warrior woman face on <3

SO GIRLS. I hope you LOVED this blog post! Can you feel the energy? It's literal FIRE!

SO SO SO I'm so excited because TOMORROW, Modern Girl Manifestation Coach College BEGINS!! Come and join us for the next level version of stepping into your manifestation power and not only that - helping your clients from a better space, helping your LOVED ONES from a better space. 5 weeks, us working together - infusion of the highest good into your being - amazing!

Big love,

Kimberley xo


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