How To Work Less And Make More Money


Hi loves! I am in Kalymnos, Greece at the moment! Sitting beside a window that looks out to the ocean with mountains in the background. It feels so cool to be travelling and now doing the business as we move!

Since moving, I have felt a whole shift in how I show up and the way I want to work in the business now. For a while now, KW has been bringing in multiple 5 figure months consistently, and it feels AMAZING! However, there have been seasons of hard work that has been aligned, and also seasons where I've leaned back and flowed! Comparing both - let me tell you that working harder does NOT mean you make more money. And here's why.


I've had months where the money has felt SO much easier than other months - but because I created more work for me. There is such a thing as "needed action" or "required action". This concept is based on the fact that there is a threshold to which if you follow soul and intuition on what to do, and you do just enough that is aligned >> you get MAXIMUM returns. Money wise. (And life wise, but we're focusing on money here).

In the past I was in a season where I LOVED working. I was in my hometown, Melbourne, and I loved being able to smash out a whole day's work on my laptop. Now that I am travelling and a boss babe nomad, I desire to be out and about more, relaxing! And so there's now a shift in the business where I will be doing the need/required action - and any inspired action - because it's just my desire now.

All the whilst, I'm still locking in:

>> Each month gets bigger and bigger in money.

>> Even though I work less, more money flows in.

>> Money flows in with ease regardless of how HARD I work, but based on what I am an energetic match for.

>> The less I work, the more money I make!


So it may sound like I get the best of both worlds here, and in our past we've been conditioned many times that this is not what gets to happen. We've been told that things require SACRIFICE. I disagree. I believe there are always WINS ON BOTH SIDES. Sacrifice is not required. You get to both 1) work less and explore life more and 2) earn more money than ever. Instinctively, this feels counterintuitive, however - manifestation says otherwise!!

>> Manifestation runs on the basis that you follow what feels GOOD. Meaning that if it feels good to both work less and decide to make more money - that gets to be the case! If it feels good, that is a direct answer that gets to happen. It's not TOO good to be true! In fact, it's the ultimate answer! This also works with why sacrifice isn't required - because sacrifice means following a path which requires pain or giving up something that is otherwise desired. Manifesting along the path of least resistance means following what FEELS GOOD. Sacrifice does not feel good thus, why would you follow it to be on the path of least resistance? (I speak more about this in episode 126 on the podcast if you want to hear this in depth!)


>> There was a HUGE month I had last year (in my first 12 months of business) where I worked hardly at all. It was just before my uni exams (I was still studying full time) and it was the month I flew to New York to work with Gabby Bernstein! It was the biggest month of last year ($42k) and I didn't even know it!

Looking back, I didn't work nearly as hard as I did for a time after (after I went full time into the business). Yet, I made the most amount of money.

So what was the secret key? What allowed me to make so much money? At the time, I was committing the majority of my time to innerwork. I committed my time to surrounding myself with HIGH LEVEL people - with people who were improving themselves also. Simply being on a retreat - and doing NO work for 5 days in October had NO effect on "making less money" in the month. I was in a growth environment. I was IN MY ELEMENT - I was being elevated by those around me. I was in HIGH ENERGY.

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Big love,


Kimberley Loo