How To Know If You're Procrastinating Or Getting Into Alignment


Hi girls! Today I wanted to write a quick blog post from Florence to you! I'm sitting on my bed in front of the window showing tree leaves cascading down a wall in Italy - and there's just something special about being able to say that! Byam has just made a breakfast spread with cheese, freshly baked bread and salami and I can safely say that I truly am living the luxe life!! (WHICH by the way, I have exciting news about at the end of this blog post!) Keep on reading <3

I felt inspired and called to write about procrastination. It's something that everyone faces! Here is a guide to tell the difference between procrastination and flow/alignment!


it's important to know that flow and alignment is a concept where you are doing things you FEEL like doing. Things you would enjoy doing before doing the things you don't really enjoy! Now the hard part is, that sometimes there are things we don't feel like doing and then we start to put them off. This can then turn into procrastination! So the line is fine and it's hard to see sometimes, but here are some tips on how to tell the difference between whether you are procrastinating, or actually are in flow!


Now, flow will be backed with an energy of love. It will feel like you're going from one activity to then next, doing the next best thing you feel like doing. It will be a blissful - A YES feeling, and like you are doing the right thing! For me, when i was at uni, I would come home and work on the business. I would enjoy creating and designing my courses and then after, I would study! I would do the thing that I initially didn't want to do after being inspired first!

When "in flow" out of fear - you might feel like you're creeping around like a naughty kid who's gotten away with something. There may even be a deep sense of guilt! Note though, that when you first get into alignment and the concept of just doing things you like first - that it's easy to feel a simple guilt - but it's a lot more lighthearted than this deep lingering guilt of "ohhh no I haven't done that thing yet!"


If you imagine yourself doing that dreaded thing - would the pressure be off?

When you're in true alignment, you would actually feel a light kind of "oo I'll do it later!" and it would still feel "to the side" and like you have time to spare.

However, when you're feeling like you're procrastinating - thinking of starting may actually being to feel like "OMG FINALLY THANK YOU IT'S DONE!"

It's sort of like an internal alarm where it begins to really say GIRL GET STARTED!


Yes- i know it sounds weird, but there's a sense that you doing things you like (which should be "flow") begins to feel less like you have freedom to do what you want, and more like you're on a leash which at any second may be pulled back causing you to yelp and be in pain (DON'T ASK where this came from). This is linked to the love vs fear idea, but it adds to the picture! Because what you've actually achieved is telling yourself that you're free to do what you want when really deep down your soul is calling you to do the work - in the most aligned case that you can!

SO! What do you do when you find yourself procrastinating? Listen to point TWO! Start and the pressure will be off you! (I'm pretty sure this is a quote from Yogi Bhajan who Gabby Bernstein often talks about!) It's something that I remember anytime I get stuck in procrastination. So, what have you been putting off? Name it in the comments to commit to what you're going to start making action on!

For me, knowing and practising the difference between flow and procrastination is a part of living the luxe life. As I live in Italy right now (and soon France) I am balancing the work that I do and this can either add to or takeaway from my experience! I desire to live a BEAUTIFUL, blissful, breathtaking experience as I travel through Europe, so having this down and embodying it is SO important!

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Big love,

Kimberley x


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